5 of the Best Methods to Go Green in your Business

We are facing an environmental crisis. Unless we are very headstrong and stubborn it’s hard to see past the fact that the overriding scientific consensus is that we have to change our ways as a species, if not to survive, at the very least to avoid catastrophic changes to the way we live on this planet. Large-scale structural change is indeed required to make this happen but we still can all play our part and one is by making sure our businesses are as green as possible.


We’ve been banging this particular drum for a while now, but it’s surprising how many organizations aren’t fully on board with this and even where we are there is always room for improvement. One of the main problems is not that workers are unaware or uninterested in recycling just that unless it is made easily accessible for them they are too busy with other tasks to get it done. So ensure that there are plenty of available recycling points.

Think of your Supply Chain

You can do lots internally but if you are not aware of the green credentials of all of your suppliers then you can be making decisions that are not effective enough. Investigate what they use in their manufacturing, supply and admin practices. Do they use renewable energy? Do they transport in an environmentally sound manner? These are all questions you need to consider.

Consider Transport

If you have a fleet of vehicles then it’s important to consider how green it is? If you have older vehicles then the fuel efficiency will be poor, look to a supplier like to find details on new greener vehicles and even some electric ones to be better. Also, you can offer incentives to staff to use public transport rather than drive, further cutting your office’s carbon footprint.

Cut Out Plastic 

Plastic is one of the biggest issues that is facing the planet today. It’s estimated that 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year! So we need to do our absolute best to minimize our plastic use. One way is to provide free drinking water fountains and encourage the use of reusable bottles, even give them out for free. Offering tea and coffee on site also helps so long as you don’t give disposable cups as part of this process, unless they are biodegradable, which is far better. Where you can’t cut it out at least remember to recycle.

Consider Waste Products

If you produce or manufacture products there are so many ways to reduce waste products or even reuse them wherever possible. There are so many innovations in technologies such as carbon capture meaning that instead of harmful carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere it can be captured and stored. Also, consider how much packaging is required for your products? Cutting this down can not only help your quest to go green but save you a lot of money in the process.

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