6 Most Environmentally Friendly Mattress Companies

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Today, more consumers prefer to purchase products that are as natural as possible – including mattresses. With concerns about the environment at an all-time high — not to mention the effects that many of the chemicals used in the manufacturing of mattresses — finding an environmentally friendly mattress that contains few, if any hazardous chemicals made by a company committed to reducing their environmental impact is a priority for many shoppers. 

The problem is that many mattress manufacturers have begun using labels like “organic,” “all-natural,” “eco-friendly,” or “non-toxic” without really explaining what they mean in terms of their manufacturing processes and materials. Since there aren’t any mandatory standards for using such labels on mattresses, it’s up to consumers to do their own homework to find an organic mattress that meets their own preferences and needs. To help with this process, we’ve compiled a list of the six most environmentally-friendly mattress companies, based on the materials they use, their manufacturing processes, and company policies.


As the name implies, Avocado is deeply committed to offering environmentally-friendly mattresses. Made from organic and natural products, including 100% organic cotton, wool, and latex, they are GREENGUARD Gold certified, meaning that they don’t contain any toxic chemicals or create any toxic emissions. The company also offers a wool-free, vegan mattress certified by PETA. In addition to the GREENGUARD certification, the mattresses also have GOTS and GOLS (Global Organic Textiles Standard and Global Organic Latex Standard) certifications, which only a handful of other manufacturers also have. The company is also committed to the environment in its manufacturing and business practices, using only 100 percent renewable energy, operating as a carbon neutral organization, and donating 1 percent of all revenues from their biodegradable and recyclable mattresses to environmental nonprofits


PlushBeds are known for being some of the most comfortable mattresses on the market, but they are also getting noticed for their commitment to the environment. Offering both latex and memory foam mattresses, PlushBeds mattresses are USDA Certified Organic and GREENGUARD Gold certified due to the lack of chemicals used in their manufacturing. The mattresses also have GOTS and GOLS certification as well as six additional certifications attesting to their purity, including Control Union Certification, which speaks to the company’s commitment to minimizing its carbon footprint. 


As the name implies, EcoTerra is committed to providing comfortable, long-lasting mattresses made from all-natural materials. The mattresses are made using 100 percent natural, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 talalay latex derived from natural rubber trees, as well as organic, GOTS-certified cotton and wool. These hybrid mattresses combine latex with coils, and do not use any type of memory, synthetic, or polyurethane foams. They are chemical-free, latex-blend free, and fire-retardant chemical free, making them hypoallergenic and non-toxic while still offering plenty of support and comfort. 


Another GREENGUARD Gold certified mattress, Birch uses 100 percent natural Talalay latex and organic wool and cotton to make it’s luxurious mattresses. In addition to the GREENGUARD designation, Birch mattresses use latex that’s OEKO-TEX and Rainforest Alliance Certified. The natural latex and wool make the mattresses naturally flame retardant, so they don’t need treatment with harmful chemicals, and are naturally resistant to dust mites, harmful microbes, and other allergens. The company itself is also committed to preserving the environment, donating 1 percent of all proceeds to the National Forest Foundation.


The recipient of many “Best Of” awards, the Awara uses Rainforest Alliance Certified organic Dunlop latex, all natural cotton, and 100 percent organic wool to construct their hybrid mattresses. Lauded for their exceptional comfort, which is achieved without the use of memory foam, synthetic foam, or any chemical adhesives or fire retardants, these high-quality mattresses are comfortable, providing plenty of support and cushioning. To further demonstrate their commitment to the Earth, Awara works with ClimatePartner to plant a tree for every mattress they sell. 

My Green Mattress

Purchasing an eco-friendly mattress doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. My Green Mattress is committed to providing organic mattresses at affordable prices. Made with GOTS-certified organic cotton and GOLS-Certified Dunlop latex, the recyclable and biodegradable mattresses are made without harsh chemicals, providing a safe and durable sleeping surface that’s ideal for those with allergies, including skin conditions like eczema. My Green Mattress is also one of the few mattress companies to offer eco-friendly crib-size mattresses, making them a popular choice among parents who want safe products for their babies. 

These are just some of the manufacturers offering eco-friendly mattresses today. Other big names, including Saatva, Layla, Tuft & Needle, and Loom and Leaf also offer eco-friendly, organic options. To ensure you’re getting a truly organic mattress, though, look for certification like GOTS, GOLS, GREENGUARD, and Certified Organic, and compare each company’s commitment to the environment. You’ll sleep well, knowing that your comfy new bed is good for the environment. 

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