How much does a 20 yard dumpster cost?

A 20 yard dumpster is large in size and dimensions, that‘s why it is used in businesses, building contracts, and other larger projects. Cost of 20 yard dumpster can vary according to the location, type of debris you need to remove, and the purpose for which dumpster is needed. ou have to be careful with which dumpster company you hire to manage your wastes. You need to reach out to a reliable and affordable company. For instance, if you look for an eagle roll-off dumpster rental, you can be sure you will receive a high-quality service at a competitive price.

Purpose of 20 yard dumpster  

A 20-yard dumpster or container is usually used for outdoor projects based on larger scale as compared to a 10 yard or 15yard dumpster. When you are working with heavy material and want to manage its trash, a 20-yard dumpster is the most suitable one. Its uses are given below:

  • Construction Purpose

A 20 yard container can carry wood, uprooted floors, furniture and other common items used in construction. Building contractors and people in other businesses frequently use this size of dumpster on their workplace to transfer material from one place to another.  

  • Heavy materials

A 20 yard container can better carry heavy materials like asphalt, concrete, tiles, stones, bricks, gravel etc. 

  • Waste Management

City waste management companies use these 20 yard dumpsters to move the trash of the city to the places where all trash of the city is disposed of.

  • Other Miscellaneous Purposes

A 20 yard dumpster can well be suitable to remove the debris of land scape on larger scale. It can also be used to remove the snow from the roads and colonies. 

Before moving towards the price of 20 yard dumpster, you must know; what will be the size and dimensions of the container? Its length is usually 22 feet, width 7.5 feet and height 4.5 feet, but can vary depending upon the designs of different companies. Its weight capacity is 2-3 tons. You can toss the required material into container according to its size and dimensions.

Cost of a 20 yard Dumpster

Usually, cost of a 20 yard dumpster ranges nearly $ 270 to $ 600 per day, depending upon the factors given below:

  1. Area
  2. Taxes and charges
  3. Weight of material
  4. Type of disposal or relevant  material   
  5. Area

Cost of a 20 yard dumpster may vary according to the area where it is required.

For example, if you want to move the construction material out of the city, it will cost high definitely. If you are to use this dumpster within the city its charges will be reasonable. 

Tax and Charges

Cost of a 20 yard dumpster may vary according to the charges of transfer of material.  Local government fixe charges about the arrangement, use and re use of the dumpsters. Fuel charges also vary from one state to another. High charges will definitely lead to high price of a 20 yard container. Additionally, Tax and charges includes the delivery & pick up fee, disposal fee and weight limit fee as well as other verified taxes.

Weight of material: weight limit is set for all type of containers. To follow the weight limit is necessary to avoid the extra charges. Weight of material also predicts what size of container, you need. A 20 yard dumpster is enough to use for heavy materials. Rental container companies provide the facility to calculate the weight of the disposal or material and then guide you about the size of the container required. 

Type of disposal or relevant material

Before accessing a 20 yard container, you will have to inform to the company about the kind of material you want to toss in the dumpster. For example, if you need a dumpster to discard the garbage of the specific colony or area, you might use any kind of old 20 yard container. If you need to transport new furniture, appliances, electronic goods and other important goods for your business, obviously you will approach some new containers in good condition. Definitely that will change the dumpster rental cost of that 20-yard dumpster.

It is the reason that no one can predict actual cost it is negotiable according to the given conditions.   


It is necessary for you to know about the rules and regulations set by community management for the use and re-use of containers. You need to avoid adding prohibited items in the container. 

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