How to Grow a Cleaning Service Business? How to Find Potential Clients 

Growing and expanding a company requires both strategy and planning. The one common thing you will always have to factor in are your customers and clients – the backbone of any business. 

Most of the time, when we talk about cleaning services, we think of people cleaning places like hotels, hospitals, office buildings, and houses. However, being a cleaner involves so much more. While these are most common customers, many other businesses require cleaning services. So it is crucial that a business manager knows how, when, and where to expand. 

When you are expanding your company, always make sure that your business is protected. More work means more employees and increased possibilities for accidents to occur. Therefore, before expanding, you should buy insurance products for your cleaning services business. 

Every cleaning company wants to land a large contract with a major business, such as a hospital or hotel. Your business will have solid and steady work for months or even years, which translates into more revenue. Nevertheless, knowing how to reach small businesses is also important, because many businesses utilize cleaning services, no matter their size. SMEs can form the backbone of your business’ income. Let’s see who these potential clients are: 

Shopping Malls and Supermarkets

Because they receive high volumes of foot traffic, malls get dirty very quickly. Additionally, people frequently spill food and drink in supermarkets. There needs to be cleaning personnel on hand to clean up the mess before an accident occurs, preventing costly public liability claims. 

Additionally, supermarket and mall bathrooms require constant cleaning and sanitation because they are used so often.

These are two examples of perfect clients because they both require constant cleaning, meaning your business will never be short for work. Your company may need to remove garbage, refill toilet paper and soap, mop floors, dust shelves, clean a windows, and more. There’s lots of work to be had from smaller contracts. 

Salons, Spas, and Barbershops

Would you get your hair cut in a venue with a floor full of hai and dust? Of course not. Keeping a work space clean is paramount for beauty and personal care stores. Most salons and haridressers will have an employee solely to clean. 

Yes, we know what you are thinking. These are small customers! But consider this; how many salons, spas, and barbershops are in your area? If you do a great job with one, word of mouth referrals may well land you a contract with other salons. 


Warehouses are huge spaces, and they collect dust . 

Keeping a warehouse clean is more than just a sanitary issue; it affects so many more factors of the business. By keeping the floor clean, you reduce the possibility of employees tripping and falling. Additionally, a clean workspace increases employee motivation and productivity. 

Moreover, if the warehouse is leased, the owner may be contractually obligated to keep the property in a certain conditions. This is where you step in and offer your services.

Government Buildings

Landing a cleaning contract for a government building is a major deal. There’s a lot of competition in the cleaning industry, and these jobs can be hard to lock down.

You will need to bid for a government contract. The bid that offers the best price-quality ratio is selected. Browse government websites to find out more about how to successfully bid for government contracts. 

Fitness Centers and Gyms

Due to the constant flow of people entering and leaving the building, these venues require constant maintenance. Everything, ranging from toilets and showers to machines and halls, need to be as clean as possible to meet client expectations.

Restaurant and Bars

For bars and restaurants to maintain their licenses, they need to meet certain sanitary requirements. You are guaranteed a constant source of income. 

Schools and Universities

These are crowded places, which means high foot traffic and lots of dirt. As happens with bars and restaurants, these places must meet sanitary requirements . 

If it is a public institution, you must contact the local department of education to see whether they need a cleaning service or not. In contrast, private institutions are more likely to outsource the cleaning contracts, and you can contact them directly. 

Retail Business

Clean isles, shelves and floors appeal to customers, making them more likely to purchase. Dusty  shelves and dirty floors are simply not an option for retail business. This is where your cleaning services can really shine. 

Like barbershops, these are small clients. By keeping one store really clean, you will gain the exposure and credibility to land another retail job. 







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