3 Ways Your Exterior Paint Can Help With Energy Efficiency

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There are many ways to make your home more energy efficient. You have probably already incorporated several habits that save you money on utilities, such as using LED light bulbs or making sure the spaces around doors and windows are sealed.

What you may not know, however, is that even the exterior paint on your home can fulfill a role in cutting your energy bill. If you choose a paint that fits one or more of the following categories, you could see a significant difference when your electric bill arrives.

1. Light-Colored Paint

You likely know that the lighter a color is, the more it reflects light. This phenomenon works on the outside of your home as well. When you choose a light color for your exteriors, it reflects sunlight away from your home rather than absorbing it and the heat that comes with it.

The finish on the paint can also have an effect. Glossy paint is more reflective than matte. You may not want your whole house to be glossy, but talk to your exterior painting company about using a gloss paint for the trim. It may help keep your home cool even during the brightest hours.

2. Insulating Paint

Adding more insulation to your home can assist with maintaining its interior temperature. Some paints have insulating properties. They help keep heat out in the summer and can block the cold in the winter. When this happens, your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard to regulate the temperature in your home.

Most paints that help with insulation are also water-resistant or waterproof. In addition to helping block extreme temperatures, it can keep out precipitation and protect your home from potential water and mold damage. This prevents the deterioration of other materials in your home so that they are able to stay energy efficient as well.

3. UV-Blocking Paint

Using sunscreen daily protects your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. UV-blocking paint works the same way on your house. It prevents sun damage and fading, making your siding last longer. You can even use it on the tiles of your roof.

UV-blocking paint can also aid in keeping your home energy efficient. It reflects the sunlight that hits your home, which protects it from excess heat. Just like sunscreen with UV protection can prevent sunburn and the extra heat that comes with it, UV resistance in your paint can protect your home in the same way.

You probably already do several things to reduce your carbon footprint by adopting more sustainable habits. Recycling, using energy efficient appliances, and watering your lawn at the right time of the day are good habits to adopt. You may have already experienced how these choices can save you money on electricity.

There are other ways to lower your utility bills, and upgrading your exterior paint may be a good next step. If it’s time to repaint your home anyway, you might as well use paint that makes your home more energy efficient. Find an exterior painting company that offers insulating, UV-blocking, glossy, or light-colored options.

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