5 Tips on saving energy when cleaning your carpets

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Concern for the environment is much more prevalent than it was just 10 years ago, and more people are realizing they can play a role in protecting the earth.

There are many different ways to “go green” and save energy, from refusing to use plastic water bottles to turning lights off when you leave a room.

But what about when you receive professional carpet cleaning services or clean your carpets on your own? Both vacuuming and shampooing can use a lot of energy. However, here are a few things you can do to minimize energy use when completing these tasks.

Get a new vacuum cleaner

If your vacuum cleaner is very old, it probably won’t clean very efficiently anymore. A good indication that you need a new vacuum is if you need to pass over the same spot several times in order to lift dirt and other small debris.

When shopping for a new vacuum, look for one that is marketed as energy efficient. Eco-friendly models aren’t too hard to find because they are becoming much more popular. They can help you clean your home while using as little energy as possible.

Don’t wear shoes inside the home

Removing your shoes at the entrance to your home will minimize contaminants that would otherwise be tracked in. If you know things like dirt, bacteria, and allergens aren’t being brought in on your shoes, you may not feel the need to vacuum multiple times per day.

Use some water as needed

Most people think it’s better not to use water when cleaning carpets. Although water conservation is important, using water can help you clean your carpets more quickly and use less energy in the process.

Instead of shampooing over heavily soiled areas over and over in an effort to clean them, it may be best to hire professional carpet cleaning services. They use enough water to help you achieve a clean carpet in minimal time.

Alternatively, you may also choose to spot clean your carpets at home with soap and water. This may work well for minor stains or muddy areas, but it probably won’t get deep or stubborn stains out. To remove those, you’ll need to contact the professionals.

Minimize shampooing

Shampooing your carpets every once in a while can lift deep, caked dirt from the carpet fibers. It’s a great way to achieve a more thorough layer of cleanliness than vacuuming alone can provide.

If you want to get the most effectiveness from your shampooing session so you don’t have to shampoo as often, you may want to let professionals do it for you. Their machinery is highly effective and built to clean very deeply.

Vacuum frequently

Although you shouldn’t vacuum excessively, it’s still wise to vacuum at least a few times per week. Doing so can actually be more energy-efficient in the long run.If you go too long between vacuuming sessions, you’ll have a harder time getting the dirt up and will probably have to vacuum the same area multiple times to get it clean.

Every homeowner should try to protect the environment. These tips can help you be more energy-efficient when cleaning the carpets in your home.

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