Things you need to know when you buy solar parking lot lights

You will find there are so many solar panel on the street poles when you go through the park or drive your car on the street. Yes, they are solar led street lights and solar parking lot lights. Solar panel technology is already not a new today. And we have the confident that the solar street lamps will become more and more in the followin years. Because the components price of the solar street light lowed down a lot in the past 10 years and will go on lowing down. So the solar street light price will go on lowing down in the following years.

Customers Prefer New Technology

Customers will choose new technology if it really benefits their life. Customers prefer the solar powered outdoor lights instead of grid-tie industrial lights because there are so many advantages for solar street lights . The solar powerd street lighting system is off grid,with low DV voltage it can be installed more conveniently and safely. Because it no need wire trench, the installers can even finish the all in one solar street light installation in ten minutes. And customers will cost less by paying zero electric fee. What is more, the solar led street lamps can be smart controlled easily to save the energy, such as motion dim for example. Energy saving means emission reduction. And emission reduction is the main policy all around the world.

Benefits of Solar LED Street Lights

There are so many benefits of solar led street lights that you may want to know more information before you plan to buy it. Is your location suitable for solar street lights?

Point one, your place need to have enough sunshine so that the solar panel can generate enough energy to support led lighting. That is why countries near the equator have the most solar lights requests at present. And solar street light demand in Canada is low relatively. 

Point two, whether the place need a strict and stable lighting time. The high-speed way need the street lights work every night for example. And the solar parking lot lights do not need to work in the late night when there are no cars or passers-by. So In most cases, the highway will not be installed with too many street lights at present.

Solar Power: Return of Investment

Point three, return on investment of solar powered solar street lights in your place. The solar street lights price is much more expensive than led street lights price. If the electric cost in your city is very cheap and you need to set very big solar system to make sure enough lighting time to make the solar street lights cost very much, then your place is not suitable for solar street lights installation. For example, the cities in Canada are the place not suitable for solar street lights. We need to set much bigger solar panel and battery to make sure the enough lighting time in Canada. Then the solar street lights cost in Canada will be very expensive compared with the led street lights cost.

Solar street lights design proposal

First step: make sure the pole height. Different place has the different request for pole height. The posts height in park are 10-15 feet mostly. Pole height in rural roads can be 15-20 feet. And the pole height in big traffic street can be 25-35 feet.

Second: Set the led lumen according to the pole height. Here we must clear and correct a misunderstand among most of the customers: It is not the led power but the led lumen that decide the brightness. Because the led luminous efficacy can be different from 150 lm/w to 220 lm/w in 2020. The same led power, brightness can be different by using different lumen efficacy led chip. And we advice using high luminous efficacy led chip to lower down the led power, so that we can use smaller power solar panel and battery capacity to low down the price of whole solar street lamps.

Smart Energy Control

Third: Set the solar lights lighting time and energy saving way according to the traffic. One of the solar street lights advantage is it can realize the smart energy-saving control easily. The ways of energy-saving control are dark to dawn dim, motion dim and auto-time dim. For the high-speed way which has big traffic all the night, we can set 100% brightness in the first 6 hours in the night and 50% brightness in another 6 hours to save the energy. And for rural street in countryside which has very small passer-by whole night, we can set 30% motion dim. When there is person nearby, the solar lights will 100% brightness. And it will be 30% brightness when there is no person nearby to save the energy. And all solar lights has the fucntion of dark to dawn dim. The led lights can ne on in the night and off in the daytime automately.

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