The True Facts of Plastic Bottles

Over the past number of years, many of us have come to understand that plastic bottles can have a truly negative impact on the world we call home.  

Even so, the harm they bring to the environment is still not highlighted enough.

They can cover large expanses of rivers and oceans, thus making it tougher for the marine animals and plants to survive and on top of that, they can also leak toxic chemicals.

Some Plastic Bottles Take 1000 years to Decompose

Making things worse is the fact that the plastic bottle problem cannot be dealt with so easily.

Depending on the type of plastic bottle, it can take 1000 years before it finally decomposes, meaning they can stay in the water and pollute it for generations. The alternative and more proactive way of discarding plastic bottles still leaves a lot to be desired as it continues to pose a threat to the environment.

Plastic Bottle Waste Beyond Critical Levels

The gravity of the situation becomes more evident once you realize that the sheer volume of plastic bottle waste polluting the planet is already well beyond critical levels.

For those who want to gain more insight into the problems presented by plastic water bottles and the different ways in which they are harming the world, the infographic included will prove useful.


Infographic originated from WorldofWaterFilter

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