Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Make Your Business Greener

As climate change continues to worsen to an irreversible scale, more and more businesses, whether big or small, are slowly adopting greener advocacy.

It used to be thought of as an expensive venture, or a temporary trend, but going green is a worthwhile investment for your retail business. Sustainability measures can cut your cost, maximize efficiency, and bring about a more mindful culture of consumption for the benefit of all.

Here’s how you can shift your business practices to be more eco-friendly!

Greener walls

A handful of things can make your physical space more sustainable.

If you noticed, artificial green walls in the Philippines are covering more and more buildings. Companies such as Vertical Green are using these green walls to turn urban landscapes into nifty pockets of forests that clean the air.

No doubt your storefront can benefit from the same. Vertical gardens can be in the form of indoor or outdoor trellises wrapped with vines or covered in moss that purifies the air. Setting up more hanging plants will do the same, not to mention they spruce up your space beautifully.

Greener consumption

There are staple suggestions like turning off the water or refraining from using appliances when not in use, but you can always take this a step further.

Shift to LED lighting. If possible, invest in light timers with motion sensors that only light up when someone is in the room. Cut your costs on lighting and air-conditioning by utilizing and maximizing natural light through proper ventilation and use of mirrors.

Install only energy-efficient appliances. Buy devices that has a sleep mode to avoid unnecessary consumption, or vampire load, when in stand-by. You can switch your retail store’s point-of-sale device to a mobile one that uses tablets or smartphones.

Greener choice

If your business is truly committed to a green cause, this should ripple to how your customers partake in your business.

You can promote mobile payments to save ink and paper by not having to print receipts. You can also offer discounts for those who bring their own shopping bag if you’re a retail store, or their food container and cutlery if you’re a diner. These days, more and more cafes are incentivizing customers who bring their own tumbler and reusable straws.

Presenting a seasonal menu for your restaurant reduces unnecessary food wastage as well.

Always find ways to reuse, reduce and recycle. is a company that is actively contributing to a sustainable environment by specializing in scrap metal recycling.

Greener supplies

You can always optimize your supply chain to be more eco-friendly.

You can start by supporting local farmers and producers by relying on them for supplies. What this does is lessen the time, gas, and manpower spent on having to ship them from a farther location. You can order in bulk shipments as well so that it takes fewer trips.

Avoid over-production with a more transparent reporting of supply and demand. Invest in AI-based systems like predictive analysis and GPS tracking for better foresight and optimized travel routes.

If you’re a restaurant, practice the “first in, first out” method to reduce food spoilage.

Greener marketing

Once you’ve completely shifted to green business, then spread the word!

More than just a marketing tactic, spreading the word about your green advocacy lets people know that there are more sustainable alternative solutions present. It’s part of changing the culture where environmentally friendly businesses are the rule rather than the exception.

Also, make sure that the mindset cuts across your employees. Suggest carpooling or greener modes of transport. Promote green protocols within your store. Efficient and satisfied employees mean they consume energy less often. 

Turning your business green should apply to both your back-end and front-end operations. Doing it right means that proprietors and customers bear the commitment even as they step out of the storefront.

Clay Miller
the authorClay Miller
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