When is the Best Time To Prune Rose Bushes With Pruning shears

Gardening is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful operations that one can enjoy. It helps you channelize your energies into something productive, useful and beautiful. As an avid gardener, you deal with the bush and plant pruning operations on a daily basis. If you have rose bushes in your garden, you already know that it is extremely difficult to prune them effectively without hurting yourself with the thorns.

So, here is a small guide on how and when to prune the rose bushes effectively.

  • Start the Operation on the Outside 

The best way to prune an entire bush of roses is to start on the outside with the best pruning shears. When you start on the outside, you can easily get rid of the thorns without hurting yourself. As you move towards the inner circle you will have to deal with only one side of the thorny plants.

  • Prune the Bushes as They Grow

Pruning a fully-grown plant is tough since it has a lot of thorns. The best way to prune the plants is to do it regularly. This way, you can easily get rid of the thorns at a very early stage. A weekly or biweekly operation will help you keep the plants in check and get rid of excessive branches.

  • Use Clean and Sharp Tools for the Operation

Using the right set of pruning tools is very important for the overall operation. The use of clean and sharp tools will help you finish the operations quickly and effortlessly. These clean tools will help you prevent the risk of tetanus by a rusted metal edge too.

  • Hold the Individual Stems Apart 

To avoid getting cuts on your hand, it is a good idea to hold the individual stems apart. You can use small spades and holders to hold the stems apart. Once you do so, you can easily prune the rose plants without hurting yourself.

  • Use Precise Pruning Methods

You need to make precise cuts to make sure that the plant can breathe properly, while not damaging the branch too much. If you cut too extensively, you might damage the plant in an irreversible manner.

  • Prune at an Angle

It is a good practice to prune the plant at a 45-degree angle. This practice ensures good breathability without sacrificing the overall strength of the branch. The pruning practice will also help the plant get rid of excess xylem and phloem fluids. If you do not prune the plants regularly, they face a risk of bulging.

  • Wear Gloves and Arm Bands While Pruning

Dealing with rose bushes is very different than dealing with common plants for pruning. These bushes contain a lot of thorns, and you need to be extremely careful with the operation. It is a good idea to wear padded gloves and armbands to protect your hands against cuts.

Regular pruning will help your plants grow in a healthy and weed-free environment. Make sure that you water the roses regularly to keep them fresh and healthy for a long period. 

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