The #1 Rule for Buying a New Mattress

What is the #1 rule for buying a new mattress? The most important thing to consider when purchasing a new mattress is that it has to be comfortable for you. This means that your mama can’t pick it out for you. Your cousin, who works in a mattress store, can’t pick it out for you. Only you, your partner, and maybe your labradoodle can choose the most comfortable mattress that will ensure you get the best sleep possible.

Since this answer may not be satisfying or helpful, we will give you a few other tips for picking out a new mattress. Before you go to a store or look at a website that sells mattresses, take a few nights to analyze your sleep habits. Here are some things to consider:

Are you a back sleeper? A side sleeper? Or a tummy sleeper? Do you start in one position and wake up in another?

How often do you wake up throughout the night? Why do you wake up? Is it because of your own or your partner’s snoring? Or do you feel your partner tossing and turning in the middle of the night? Or do you wake up three times a night to go to the bathroom? (This is a trick question. No mattress will help you with that problem.)

How do you feel when you awake in the morning? Does your back hurt? Do your hips hurt?

Finally, how does temperature affect your sleep patterns? Do you wake up cold or in a fiery fury?

You may also consider analyzing the data gathered from a sleep tracker. Don’t forget to consider other factors that may be affecting your sleep patterns — such as the condition of your pillows, your stress, and your diet.

Once you have analyzed how you and your partner sleep, you are ready to examine the mattresses on the market. Here are some considerations to make that are determined from your sleep habits.

Side sleepers

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and feel the need to massage your hip bones? This may mean that you are a side sleeper. This may cause you to feel pain on your hip’s pressure points.

If you are a side sleeper and your hips are suffering because of it, you may consider sleeping with a firm pillow between your legs. You may also want to find a mattress that is softer on the firmness scale or designed to cushion the body’s pressure points.

Stomach or back sleepers 

If you and your partner are stomach or back sleepers, look for a mattress that is designed to fit the natural contours of your body. 

Other tips for choosing a new mattress

Once you have narrowed down whether you are purchasing a bed for a side sleeper or a front/back sleeper, you have other options to consider. Next, you should check the firmness of the mattress

Mattress firmness is based on personal preference. 

The softest mattresses allow you to sink in the bed. You may find it difficult to move freely, but at the same time, you may feel cocooned in softness.

When you lay on a medium-firm mattress, you may experience some contouring but only a little sink. 

Finally, the hardest mattresses on the market have no sink or contouring. You will feel as if you are lying on a solid surface.

In general, lighter people tend to enjoy a softer mattress. Heavier people, or people with back problems, tend to appreciate a firmer mattress. Of course, since this is based on personal preferences, there are a lot of exceptions to this rule.

Finally, besides sleep position and firmness, there are other things to consider when buying a mattress. Here are some of them:

  1. Consider looking for a mattress company that utilizes environmentally friendly materials. Eco-friendly mattresses aren’t only good for the environment, but they are also made with materials that are better for people.
  2. Think about whether or not you want a pillow-top mattress. Maybe you want a firm mattress, but you don’t want to feel as if you are laying on a rock. Pillow-top mattresses may give you just the right amount of comfort as well as that all-important support.
  3. Consider the mattress’ material if you easily get hot at night. Avoid memory foam mattresses, but consider memory foam that also has a layer of cooling gel.

Cheers to good sleep! Don’t you just love waking up in the morning ready to take on the day?

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