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4 Ways To Maintain Your Solar Panels In Your Home

Solar panels are packages of solar cells connected together. The solar cells convert light from the sun directly into electricity. They absorb part of the energy that sunlight produces and free the electrons. Solar panels have electric fields that ontrol the flow of the electrons. One can use a solar panel to power devices by placing metals below or above the solar cells. It’s a process of drawing energy from the electric current that can then be used externally. That said, one of the best investments a person, especially a homeowner in Adelaide, can make is to convert or have an entire commercial property or house dedicated to solar panels. Maintaining your panels is a must and we shall explain to you how and why.

Solar installations only undergo minimal degradation over time since they don’t have moving parts. And the good thing about them is that they require only very little maintenance. Since their manufacturing technology has already become more sophisticated, their life expectancy has also increased in recent years. In the past, each passing year meant the panels lost one percent of their effectiveness. Nowadays, though, this figure has significantly decreased. Even after twenty years, solar panels can still maintain ninety-two percent of their efficiency with the introduction of new materials like monocrystalline silicon in the overall production of the device. 

How To Maintain Solar Panels

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Despite requiring very little maintenance, it is still essential to maintain solar panels. This is key to sustaining the device, allowing it to stay effective, efficient, and reliable. You can always reach out to solar repairs Adelaide companies to help you keep your devices properly functioning.

Here are four ways to maintain solar panels in your home in Adelaide. 

1. Regular Inspection Of Solar Panels

Vulnerability to ground-level debris and damage isn’t a problem for most of the life of solar panels since you’re going to place them in high locations. However, the buildup of materials such as pollen or tree material can still lead to power loss, so it would be best to inspect your panels carefully from time to time. 

The cleanliness of your solar panels is also something that you should check now and then since the dirt that you commonly see on your windows will find a way to eventually reach them. Also, since Adelaide experiences hail storms that can become extreme at times, it would be best to provide roofing over your solar panels for protection. 

2. Clean Your Solar Panels

One of the key aspects of maintaining solar panels is cleaning them. And it’s why frequent inspections are necessary so that you’ll know if your devices require some cleanup. You will want to remove debris, bird droppings, grime, and dirt so that your panels can absorb sunlight efficiently.

So, how should you clean the solar panels? Well, you can do it in several ways. You can use a standard garden hose to rinse the dust off from your devices. You can also use a soft, spongy squeegee that’s mounted on a long pole if the panels need a little more cleanup than what the hose can offer. Use some soapy water when cleaning using a squeegee, and rinse any excess suds off using the hose afterward.  

It may seem best to call for professional assistance, though, if the panels are placed at a location that’s too high for you to reach. Solar panel cleaning service providers can help ensure safety and excellent results.

3. Monitor Sun And Shade

As you probably know already, maximum sun exposure is essential for solar panels to maintain their effectiveness. It’s the reason why you should look for a strategic location to install them. It’s vital to note, though, that sun and shade patterns may change over the years as trees grow around your devices. 

Another factor that may cause changes in sun and shade patterns is the construction of buildings on adjacent lots. That said, you have to make sure that your devices still get the best possible orientation of sunlight during their lifetime. If there’s a need to move them to a different location to maximize the amount of renewable energy from the sun that they receive, don’t hesitate to do so. Of course, professional help will come in handy for this.

4. Always Check The Energy Usage Of The Solar Panels

While it’s true that a local utility company can do net metering for you and show how much energy you sell back to the grid, it would be a mistake to rely solely on their data. Yes, you heard that right, and the reason is that their numbers don’t directly measure the energy output of your solar panels. So, to check if the entire system of your devices is performing correctly, it would be best to install an energy monitor. 


The solar panels you have should be relatively problem-free in terms of creating energy independence for your home in Adelaide as long as frequent visual inspections, regular cleanup, and accurate energy monitoring are being implemented. When cleaning the solar panels, though, consider your personal safety more than anything else. And, again, if you’re not sure how to go about maintaining or repairing them, you can always ask a professional to do the job for you. 

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