5 Helpful Tips on Being Eco-Friendly During Your Next Road Trip

Taking a road trip is usually the more eco-friendly option for your next vacation, but there are definitely things you can do to take it further and lessen your impact on the environment. In this post, we’re going to cover five helpful tips on being even more eco-friendly than usual during your next road trip.

BYO Reusable Containers

If you’ve ever relied on takeout during a road trip, you know how quickly those disposable containers can pile up in your car. And if they’re piling up in your car, you can bet they are going to be piling up in a landfill. Some are biodegradable, and some aren’t. But you know what’s better than biodegradable waste? No waste at all. Bring reusable drinking containers, plates, bowls, and flatware. And you’ll lessen your impact further if you pass on the fast food in lieu of bringing your own food.

Carefully Plan Your Route

You’re doing such a great thing for the environment and being eco-friendly by driving to your destination instead of flying. But if you keep missing your exit and driving out of your way, you’re doing more harm than necessary with additional fuel and emissions. Map out your route before you embark on your trip, so you’re familiar with where you’re going. And consider using GPS throughout the trip to reroute you during traffic and to help you avoid taking wrong turns.

Get Your Car Serviced

When your car service and maintenance is up-to-date, your car will be more fuel-efficient. And you’ll reduce the risk for breaking down on the road, which would require a tow truck and further fuel and emissions. So, to avoid these snafus, make sure your car is serviced before you hit the road. This includes getting your oil changed and checking the air in your tires. When your tires are low on air, your car will be less fuel-efficient. With low tires, you’re also at greater risk of getting a tire blowout on the road and distributing debris all over the road. Routine maintenance will help keep your car environmentally friendly and functioning well.

Better still, hop on a party bus to Lubbock vacation. Share a transport instead of taking your own vehicle.

Avoid Littering

When you’re on your road trip, keep track of all your trash. Naturally, if you’re an eco-conscious person, you’re not going to be throwing disposable cups out of the car window. But one thing you can do while on the road is to mitigate the effects of less eco-friendly people’s impact. And you can do this by making a commitment to picking up other people’s trash.

You and your family will live by the “leave every place better than you found it” motto, and so not only will you avoid littering, but you can also clean up any litter you find. Think about how nice it’ll be to know places are better for having had you there.

Stick to the Trails

As you hike along your journey, you might be tempted to go off the beaten path. After all, this is the best opportunity to see wildlife in its natural habitat. But if you want to avoid making an impact on the environment, stick to the trails. When you go off the beaten path, you’re going to leave some sort of impact on the environment around you. Whether it’s dangerous cairns that the kids leave, potty breaks, or bushwacking, there will be some level of impact, and this goes against the “do no harm” motto of most environmentalists. Even if you mean well, try your best to stick to the trails.

In addition, do pack up your auto essentials before leaving on your road trip. Outfit your vehicle with waterproof, custom-fit car mats and car seat covers. Remember to bring a weatherproof car cover too to protect your vehicle from the elements when you can’t park under the shade.

Taking precautions to protect your car means less expense on auto repairs and maintenance and reduced impact on the environment since you don’t have to regularly visit an auto-servicing shop to get your car fixed.

When you’re concerned about your environmental impact, a road trip is a great choice. Follow the tips outlined here to kick up your eco-friendliness a notch or two during your next vacay.

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