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3 Go-Green Approaches MBP is Using to Change the World

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It’s no secret that the environment is in dire need of a savior. Talks and discussions about pollution and global warming don’t seem to seize any time soon.

Different organizations have come up with ideas on how to handle the changes in the environment but none of them seem to be really working. All besides MBP Solution’s Go green scheme.

Go-Green Scheme: 3 Approaches

This scheme is an initiative that involves three approaches that have proven to help solve most environmental crisis.  The Go-green scheme has been tried and completed in numerous different companies and it has proven to be a success.

In this article, we’ll look into this scheme critically, assessing all the three approaches involved in this initiative.

What is the Go Green Scheme?

This is an initiative by MBP Solutions that seeks to convert waste products from industries and businesses into useful byproducts.

The company achieves this by using three approaches; the recycle and recover approach, the sustainability approach, and the circular economy approach.

Recycle and Recover

Using this approach, MBP’s team of specialists works alongside the manufacturer’s seeking to understand how different products arise. Having this knowledge helps them come up with a by-product strategy that’ll serve both the short and long-term goals.

MBP uses this strategy to emphasize on the importance of recycling and reusing products to industries. They use a waste management hierarchy to define a few steps to a better environment.

The strategy involves prevention, reusing, recycling, recovering and reduced waste disposal. From this strategy, prevention is deemed as the best solution to a better environment.

Using this strategy, MBP determines the right procedure to employ when handling waste for your business.

Sustainability Approach

This approach involves identifying waste and byproducts of production and finding better ways to reuse or recycle these products. By doing this MBP aims at reducing the amount of waste dumped in the environment.

The sustainability approach is also aimed at reducing the consumption of primary raw materials. This is because the re-used products can serve as alternative raw materials.

So far, MBP has achieved this by providing biofuels, bioliquids and biomethane substrates. These products have been certified and proven to be sustainable by the RSD (Roundtable for Sustainable biomaterials) and ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certifications).

The company also takes part in aquaculture where it provides fish oils in a bid to enhance sustainability.

As such, the MBP Solutions has always had sustainability in mind. By employing this approach, they can develop a strategy that serves an industry for a long time.

The circular economy approach

This approach works under the principle of reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering wastes and residues for as long as possible.

In the circular economy, waste products from industry are recycled or converted to another useful product. Alternatively, the waste can be used in another industry to come up with a better product.

In this manner, no waste material goes to waste. 

Of all approaches, this approach is one with the most benefits. For one, reusing by-products, you’ll have more products to sell and hence, more profitability.

Secondly, your expenditure costs will significantly reduce. This is because, instead of acquiring more raw materials, your by-products can serve as an alternative to your primary raw materials.

This approach also benefits the environment as it reduces pollution both air, water, and land. 

What makes this possible?

MBP solutions use these three approaches to handle waste from businesses, and it seems to work. However, what makes these approaches possible is the expert team of employees.

The company trains and educates the employees on different techniques of waste management regularly. Therefore, they can adopt new management systems and approaches easily.


The Go-Green scheme by MBP Solutions is one of the most effective techniques that all businesses should employ. These approaches employed cover all types of business and have the potential to transform our environment.

Based on the success this scheme has had so far, it’s only fair to say that MBP has the solution to our waste collection problems.

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