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Green Waste Removal Strategies

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Waste management is something every local government must think about. There are so many ways of removing green waste that local governments can choose from. Below, we will look at a few green waste removal strategies.

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Municipal Trash Collection

In most cities, the municipal authority collects the waste. This allows for the waste to be safely transported from where it is collected to where it is treated. The are several advantages to municipal waste collection, including saving you the time and money it would take you to take your waste to a landfill and ensuring that any recyclable materials in your waste are handled properly. 

Municipals can let you take your waste to a central collection point and for biological waste, they can send in vacuum trucks that can transport the waste to treatment areas. Municipals rely on companies like Satellite Industries who have been manufacturing vacuum trucks for many years now. 


For areas that have high volumes of waste, a compactor can be a very good way of dealing with waste. Compactors vary in size and can be built to handle any volume or type of waste. Compactors are advantageous because they eliminate the need for multiple trash containers and they allow for waste, no matter what type it is, to be disposed of properly. 

Dumpster Rentals

When there is a large volume of waste being produced, there is always a need to find the best solution to dealing with the waste.  Such a large volume of trash can be taken care of with a dumpster and dewatering sludge boxes that can collect and dispose of different types of waste. These can include contaminated dirt, construction debris, and household waste.


Some cities choose to deal with their green waste through incineration. Although this is not the most environmentally-friendly option, it is still a good strategy for cities that deal with a huge volume of waste and do not have the option of burying it in landfills. 

Incinerating green waste can be a good way of producing energy, which might offset the environmental disadvantages of the incineration itself.


Since a lot of countries frown upon landfilling, companies are coming up with alternative waste disposal strategies. One of these is biodegradation. Since green waste is biodegradable, companies are using aerobic composting, mechanical biological treatment as well as aerobic composition to break it down. The waste can be used as compost if it can be separated from inorganic material. The inorganic material is then reused or recycled.

The composted material can also be used as fertilizer or for the production of biogas

Landfill Disposal

Green waste is a good candidate for landfill disposal since it is biodegradable. Landfill disposal remains one of the main ways of dealing with green waste in many countries and this is not likely to change any time soon. 

Overseas Shipping

Even though it has slowed down in the past year, shipping green waste overseas has been one of the main ways of dealing with waste. Some countries do it while others gladly agree to receive the waste for its value and uses.


Green waste removal does not have to be as hard as a lot of people make it out to be. Since green waste is biodegradable, it is very easy to deal with and dispose of.

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