Best Environment-Friendly Ski Resorts Across the World

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With global warming on the rise, it is now more imperative than ever to preserve our snow-clad mountains. Ski resorts all over the world have joined the fight against climate change and are adopting more and more ways to go green. So where can we find environment-friendly ski resorts?

They are now encouraging using more renewable energy sources, greater use of public transport like the snow train, and recycling. All the same luxury and fun, with more sustainable processes. 

If you’re looking for a guilt-free skiing experience, it’s possible to keep your carbon footprint minimal while enjoying some adventure on the white snow mountains. Below is a list of green ski resorts from established companies such as Alpine Elements.

St Anton, Austria 

Located in the pristine village of St Anton Am Arlberg, St Anton Ski Resort is a gateway to the beautiful Arlberg ski region. It is one of the snowiest areas in Europe and provides connectivity to the neighbouring Lech mountain through fast lift links. 

The skiing slopes of the resort are more suitable for advanced skiers. Although beginners can practice on the gentler slopes at the base of the main area. 

Indulge in winter sports

This resort is the perfect place to indulge in winter sports while keeping the environment safe. It is easily accessible by public trains from St. Anton Am Alberg. 

There are multiple eco-friendly ski buses throughout the area that carry many passengers at once, preventing the use of individual cars. The use of private cars is discouraged and recommended to be left outside the village. 

The lifts that connect to the Kriegerhorn lift in Lech have been powered by a solar facility since the year 2002. St Anton also assures the eco-friendliness of the construction of snowmaking facilities and slopes in the skiing areas, which makes it an even more pleasurable experience.

Tignes, France

With a ski area that spans around 300km, Tignes is one of the largest and most sought after skiing destinations in Europe. It is home to one of the world’s leading skiing academies for youngsters called Apex 2100. 

This “Super Resort” is linked to another popular ski destination, the Val d’Isère through a network of fast and efficient lifts. 

Tignes: Leading in Sustainable Development

Tignes is extremely diligent when it comes to sustainable development. It received the Green Globe Certification in 2015 for sustainable tourism. In 2016, it adopted various methods to reduce carbon footprint, such as sorting of the waste by different categories and ski pass recycling. As well as cleaner electric equipment, and generating environmental awareness among the employees. 

In 2018, the resort installed a cleaning station to collect the pollutants from the combustion engines of their vehicles, thus reducing the pollution levels. It is also an active participant in the Reforest’s action program where the goal is to plant 140 new trees. 

Tignes is constantly undertaking new initiatives to protect the environment and provide a clean and safe environment for its skiers. 

La Plagne, France

La Plagne is one of the best ski resorts for beginners and experts alike. Its relatively flat hills with the Green and Blue trails make it ideal for every type of skier. Located in the Savoie region of France, it is the perfect winter destination for families and caters to all age groups. La Plagne is a favourite among cross country skiers. 

When it comes to dealing with climate change, the resort has upped its game and become a member of the Quality, Security, and Environment League. As a part of the initiatives by the QSE, the resort plants trees regularly and protects the rivers and meadows in its surrounding areas. 

Fewer lifts and lower CO2 emission

They’ve also cleaned up their resort. There were 93 unused lift masts at the property in 2019 which have now been removed. The CO2 emission levels have been reduced by around 4000 tons by the installation of a new biofuel heating capacity to power all the buildings in the resort. 

Free shuttle services are available to discourage the use of private vehicles. La Plagne aims to provide a truly natural and clean environment in the midst of nature. 

Méribel, France

Méribel is a stunning old resort established in 1938 by British skier Peter Lindsay. It has a friendly vibe with wooded surroundings and a chalet-style architecture. The après ski scene here is vibrant and full of life, making for the perfect evening after a day of adrenaline in the white mountains. 

The lift system at Méribel is extremely fast and efficient, with large amounts of money invested in it. This system is powered by hydroelectric dams scattered in the nearby areas. These dams also power the cannons required for snowmaking and its water is sourced locally from the Ariondaz dam nearby.


All communication that takes place to keep the slopes safe is powered by solar energy. By 2020, the resort plans to maintain the ice rink and swimming pool with renewable sources of energy.The waste and litter produced by the resort operations are recycled to the maximum extent possible. And guests are encouraged to ditch the vehicles and make use of their feet to get around. 

The resort takes active steps to reduce its impact on the environment and encourages its guests and employees to follow the lead. 

Courchevel, France

Courchevel is located in the serene Les Trois Vallees, the largest connected ski area in the world. It has one of the best snow conditions in the Alps during the season and is perfect for skiing and snowboarding. There is a group of 11 luxury hotels that you can choose from for a comfortable stay.

The resort houses seven Michelin-star restaurants that you can head to after a day of hard work in the snow. If you’re in the mood for pampering, there are a bunch of luxury brands to indulge in some shopping.

Reduce Water Wastage

What most stands out about Courchevel is their commitment to being eco-friendly. They try to eliminate up to 75% water wastage by providing guests with refillable bottles. The lighting consists of LED bulbs that consume less energy. The staff is all well-trained and adheres to the eco-friendly policies of the resort. 

Courchevel has also partnered with WWF and donates 1 euro for every guest that stays with them. This helps raise sufficient money for planning environment-friendly activities such as fighting against plastic pollution and protecting the arctic refuge. 

What Are Your Favourite Environment-Friendly Ski Resorts?

The French and Austrian Alps are the preferred choices when it comes to planning a skiing holiday. They have some of the best resorts with the most picturesque views and vast expanses of alluring white snow. Don’t forget to protect yourself with the appropriate skiing gear if you plan on visiting one of these destinations.

In previous years, not much emphasis was given to sustainable development in the tourism sector. With the increased focus on preserving our planet against climate change, going green is the need of the hour. 

Ski resorts are actively stepping up and making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. They are now considering alternate modes of energy and methods of reducing pollution as much as possible.

You can do your bit for the environment by picking one of these skiing destinations that actually care about ‘Mother Earth’. 

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