Fire Outbreak at Home? Here’s what You can Do.

fire outbreak at home

Thinking about fire destruction can be intimidating. People facing fire disasters know how it feels when their homes and properties are at stake after a fire outbreak. Recovery from a fire can be daunting and may seem impossible, but home fire damage restoration services can help you come out of the tough situation. 

While the professionals do their work in getting back your home to a safe state again, you need to be responsible on your side. By the time the restoration company comes and starts the process, here’s what you can do on your own after a fire.

Things to do After a Fire Damage:

Contact your Insurance Agent

Calling your home insurance agent is the first thing you can do after fire extinguishing. They will help you with performing the cleanup process. Once you let them know about the incident and the damage caused to you, they will explain how to proceed with a restoration company. Destruction is not only due to flames; fire extinguishers and standing water also contribute to the damage. Firefighters may break the windows and make holes in the roofs to get inside and put off the fire. The insurance agent will authorize a restoration service to secure your home and help in filing a claim for damage recovery. 

List down Damaged Items

List all the items that have been damaged in the fire. Whatever you have purchased online or offline, collect the bills and state every detail from model to serial numbers and receipts. If you cannot recover them due to fire, try searching online for bank payments to retrieve the information. This list would help place a claim for all the necessary items that you can include. Your insurance agent will help you in replacing these things at priority. 

Ensure the safety of your Home

After the fire, you won’t be able to stay in your home. Find yourselves a safe place to live for the time a restoration company completes the process. Also, ensure that you make proper arrangements for the security of your house. Both the fire department and your insurance policy ask you to secure your property and other belongings. They enable the restoration services to board up doors and windows, cover gaps with plywood, and the roofs with tarps. 

Get Rid of Dangerous Items

The cleanup process includes a crucial task of removing all the hazardous items that can cause potential danger to your health. Toxic fumes can contaminate the perishable and non-perishable food items in your home. Throw away these things along with lousy odor food in the refrigerator. Take a look at your medicines and makeup products, discard them if they have signs of decoloration, smoke, and soot. 

Be Careful with Debris

You must ensure that the removal of debris is appropriately handled after the fire outbreak. Ask your insurance agent to help you. Always discard debris with caution, taking care of yourself. Debris and ash contain cancerous chemicals known as carcinogens. These organisms can adversely affect your skin and lungs, causing rashes all over your body. They can also trigger asthmatic attacks if ignored. Cover yourselves completely with protective clothing to avoid direct contact with the chemicals. Wear a befitting mask to prevent your face from exposure to the waste. 

Save your Belongings

Amidst all the processes going on for restoration, don’t forget to save the possessions that are free from damage. Keep them aside in a safe place. As soon as the situation is under control, take out the necessary things that you may need for your temporary stay. 

Contact the right restoration company that can help you in minimizing the damage and recover you back to normal. 

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