How Businesses are Becoming More Eco-Friendly

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With environmental damage being an enormous and constant topic in the news, it is clear that businesses (and individuals) need to look at themselves to try and find ways to become more environmentally-friendly. It is true that some industries are worse than others but it will require a collective effort to reduce environmental impact to the scale that leading scientists around the world are calling for.

Benefits of Going Green

The good news is that there are lots of different ways that businesses of all sizes and in all industries can reduce their impact without impacting the quality of the product/service that they provide. In addition to the environmental benefits, you might also find that this can help to lower operating costs which can help to improve your bottom line.

Here are a few of the best ways that a business can become eco-friendly:

Walk to Work/Carpool

Following this, if you are able to get more employees to walk or cycle to work then it can also reduce your business’s environmental impact and from an employee’s viewpoint it is free and a good form of exercise. This will not always be possible which is why starting a carpool is a smart idea and a good way to reduce the number of cars arriving each day.

Green Energy

If possible, switching to a renewable energy source like solar power will have an enormous impact on your footprint. This can be expensive upfront but will allow you to make huge savings over the long-term and improve your brand reputation.


Businesses in many industries create an enormous amount of waste and often this is unavoidable. This is why it is so important to recycle whatever you can and to make this an important part of company policy. This is what business card specialists like instantprint have done with recycling bins at every desk and taking steps to have a facility that recycles 97% of waste produced – this has involved educating staff and getting them to encompass instantprint’s environmentally-friendly ethos. Regular training is issued to staff so they’re able to identify and properly recycle all of the stocks that instantprint have to offer. 

Working from Home

Encouraging staff to work from home occasionally can make a big difference to the amount of energy that the business uses and can cut down on CO2 emissions if they usually drive to work. In addition to the environmental benefits, working from home can bring many other benefits to the business and employee too.

Every business needs to look at its current operation and find ways to reduce environmental impact. The above are the key areas to focus on and combining these could have a significant reduction in impact while bringing a range of other benefits too.

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