How Do Cats Show Affection?

cats show affection

Cats often get a reputation for being very distant and aloof when compared to dogs, but I’m here to tell you that cats love their owners just as much as dogs. While they do lick to show affection like dogs, cats have different ways of showing their appreciation. They do things like purring, rubbing, and laying down near you. While cats do tend to be slightly more antisocial than dogs, they are creatures that will love you unconditionally if you treat them well.


You may be wondering, why does my cat lick me? Cats love to lick their owners when they are being groomed or they are experience pleasure. This is very dog-like, and it often feels like butterfly kisses. Most of the time cats will lick when they are walking near you or laying by you. Sometimes if you are meeting a new cat that is friendly if you stick your hand out for him/her to sniff it, they will sniff you and then they will more than likely lick you to show that they like you! 


When a cat is experiencing pleasure they will often start to purr. This is adorable because while you’re petting them you can feel them purring, and the vibration among your hands feels like a phone vibrating. Also, if a cat falls asleep they will usually start snoring and they continue purring as they sleep. It’s extremely cute, and it’s one of the coolest things you can experience with your cat.


Next, when cats are seeking attention from their owners they will often walk up to them and begin rubbing their head along their leg or arm. Cats also do this when they are happy, so they continue doing it to provide a physical reminder to their owner to continue petting them. Dogs also do this where they will poke you hand with their nose, but cats will walk around your entire body just rubbing if they like you or are experiencing pleasure. 

Laying Near You

This one is a bit of a no brainer, but if a cat wants to show his owner affection they will come and find you from another room and lay right next to you. If you are on a couch they will hop up and lay near you. This is how they tell their owner that they love them and encourage them to pay attention to them. They also tend to show their belly to their owner meaning they want a belly rub. If your door is closed, you best bet that your cat will claw at the door waiting for you to open it. Cats are distant sometime, but when they want affection they will hunt you down to lay near you.

Making Your Cat Love You Forever

Cats and dogs surely show affection differently, and owning a cat is certainly not for everyone. However, if you give your cat the utmost love and respect you will certainly see an increase in your reciprocating your attention and affection. Cats are mysterious creatures, but there is no doubt they will love you to the moon and back if you feed them and pet them consistently.

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