4 Ways to Save the Environment (and Cash at the Same Time)

There are lots of benefits to going green. Living a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle means that you reduce your carbon emissions, eliminating some of the negative impact that you have on the world around you. At the same time, a big bonus of going green is that you get to save some money. Just like refinancing your student loan can save you some cash each month by giving you a way to reduce your interest payments, choosing to be more environmentally conscious helps by cutting your electricity, water, and other bills. The question is, how can you start saving the environment (and cash) without transforming your entire life? We’ve got some top tips to get you started. 

Reduce Your Water Bill (Don’t Do Dishes)

We all hate doing dishes, so why do we do them so often? If you have a session of scrubbing at the end of each day when you’re done with your cups and plates, then it might be worth allowing things to pile up for a little longer. Obviously, you don’t want to have a filthy kitchen, but making sure that your dishwasher is full before you start it, or that your sink is cluttered, could mean that you waste less water by washing all at once. 

Stop Wasting Plastic

Spending too much money on your loans and other repayments is a waste of cash. Buying endless bottles of water and disposable items is a waste of resources. Recently, we’ve begun to reduce our use of plastic straws and carrier bags around the world. However, it’s still on us as consumers to cut down in other ways. Reducing the number of plastic bottles you buy is a good first start. Invest in a reusable water bottle and take that with you wherever you go instead. 

Get a Ride 

Refusing to drive to work each day and arranging a carpool with your office chums has several benefits. First, it reduces the amount you spend on fuel, which is great for your money-saving habits. Secondly, it could mean that your car lasts longer and requires less maintenance. On top of all that, the more people you get involved in your carpooling strategy, the fewer people will be on the road, contributing to carbon emissions. This means that instead of 20 cars travelling to your office each day, you might have 10, or 9. 

Buy in Bulk Online

Finally, if you need any crucial items in your household, avoid the weekly trip to the grocery store and buy everything you need in one bulk delivery. You can have the articles delivered straight to your door, and it could save you anywhere up to 5 or 6 trips every couple of weeks. Not only does buying in bulk reduce the number of gas-guzzling shopping trips you need to take, but it also eliminates a significant chunk of your monthly expenses. You’ll often find that buying the items that you use most in bulk is better for your wallet than buying products individually.

Clay Miller
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