Different Types of Greenhouse Materials and How to Choose a Suitable One

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Investing in a greenhouse is an excellent idea if you love plants and wish to grow organic fruits and vegetables throughout the year. While a few plants may survive mild winters, most of them don’t, and having a glasshouse will increase their longevity through the excessively cold season. Further, you can also grow some exotic plants there under proper conditions. We shall be discussing about types of greenhouse materials here.

Which is the best material for a greenhouse?

There are a plethora of options for greenhouse materials and glasses in the UK, and you should be aware of the characteristics of each to make the right choice. While wood frames may be suitable for growing certain species, the aluminium ones are non-corrosive, strong and can be painted in your desired shades.  

Many reputable companies offer to customise your plant house according to your specific requirements and preferences. For example, you can take a look at the range of greenhouses at to understand what choices you have regarding materials, glasses and other components. Talk to the experts, in case you feel confused about taking the right decision. 

Let’s now discuss the features of different greenhouse materials to help you make the best choice. 

Greenhouse Materials List

  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • Polycarbonate

Wooden greenhouses 

The wooden frame is mostly preferred for its insulating properties. Wood absorbs sunlight during daytime and prevents the heat from escaping the room at night, thus protecting the plants against cold droughts. It helps cut down energy costs through natural insulation, as you don’t have to spend much on extra energy to keep your plants warm. 

For cold places, this is an ideal choice of material for frames that also looks amazing. Besides, it supports the heavy, glass windows that you install and is a popular green building material with little or no environmental side effects. However, make sure the wooden frames are treated well before installation to prevent rotting. 

Aluminium frames

Aluminium is a versatile, robust material that needs no introduction. Its low density, high anti-corrosive properties and tolerance make it one of the best choices for greenhouse frames. Unlike iron, it never rusts, requires lesser maintenance and can be painted in different shades to match your taste. 

They are tolerant of harsh weather conditions, providing 100% protection to your exotic and regional plants. A combination of well-engineered glass panes and an aluminium frame is something all plant lovers should give a thought to before investing in a greenhouse. 

What is the best polycarbonate for a greenhouse?

This is yet another popular choice you have regarding greenhouse materials, and there’s no doubt that it’s an effective one as well. With high durability and better insulation properties, the much affordable polycarbonate cover offers complete protection to your plants. 

As they are shatter-proof, you don’t have to keep your kids away from playing near the greenhouse. This apart, it offers maximum UV protection to your plants and can also diffuse the sunlight that enters the greenhouse, spreading it evenly to make sure every growing plant gets an equal amount of it. 

Wrapping it up

Numerous factors like the average temperature of a given area, humidity, risks of storms, amount of sunlight received throughout the year, soil conditions and others influence your decision of growing your favourite plants. However, if you invest in a customised greenhouse of the right material, chances are, you may be able to grow them regardless of these conditions. 

So get in touch with an expert today and learn more about types of greenhouse materials to take your gardening idea forward. 

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