Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Lawn Mower

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Taking care of your lawn is not an easy task. More often than not, it requires you to invest in a good lawn-mower and also expend some of your effort and time into keeping your lawn at the prime of its health. But, thanks to these lawn mowers, our job gets done much easily. You do not have to break much of your sweat over the maintenance of your lawn with the right lawn mower at your disposal. But, lawn mowers, too, need the right care to be able to function properly, especially the commercial ones since they have been engineered in quite a complicated manner that might need servicing once a while. Therefore, in this article, we shall talk about all the ways in which you can maintain your commercial lawn mower and help keep it at the best of its health.

Replace the Air Filters Periodically:

Air filters suck in the dirt from the surface and trap them in the chamber designed to carry the dirt within the commercial lawn mower. Therefore, it is obvious that your lawn-mower might run out of space to keep all the dirt in and also lead the air filter being clogged at some point of time. Therefore, you need to clean your air filter whenever you have the time and eventually replace them once in every few months. Replacing the air filter at least twice a year seems like a more realistic timeline and a doable job. Therefore, do not shy away from this essential responsibility, lest you might have to settle for an ill-performing commercial lawn mower or buy a new one from

Clean the Mower Deck Every Alternate Day:

This does sound like a taxing job to do, especially when you have to do it every alternate day. But this is something that cannot be negotiated for anything. Keeping your mower deck, especially the underside of it is extremely important since this is the surface that touches the ground. Old grass and other lawn residues might stick to the surface and form a layer that might become quite hard to scrape off the surface. And this residue can eventually block the air ducts and all the other vital parts of the mower, thus, compromising its efficiency.

Sharpen or Change the Mower Blades:         

The value of a mower depends on the quality of its blades, and it is crucial that you sharpen your mower blades every once a while or replace them when they look beyond repair to restore your mower to its original quality. HomeGearExpert has a great article where they list the best lawn mower blade sharpeners which both consumers and professionals can use. Once the condition of your mower blades is compromised, there is very little that you can do about the mower. And spending all over again on a commercial lawn mower might not be a feasible idea because they cost a lot. Therefore, sharpen and replace the blades while there is still time, or you would be only left with the option of investing in a new commercial lawn mower, and let us just say that it is not the best idea.

Set the Revolution Per Minute of the Commercial Lawn Mower at an Optimal Level:

It is very important that you set the RPM of the mower at the optimal level. Do not set the RPM of the lawn mower at a speed higher or lower than what has been prescribed in the user manual. This could severely damage the mower and all the other sensitive parts that contribute to its making. Every mower is differently engineered, and you need to figure that out from your user manual. Read through the user manual carefully and only then decide upon the speed of RPM.

Conclusion: Commercial Mower Maintenance

Every device has a protocol that it runs on, and it is crucial to follow the protocol if you are to keep the machine working for a long time to come. Plus, it is also vital that you know how to take proper care of your machines if you want them to give you a high return on your investment. Commercial lawn mowers, in some cases, require more attention and care than the domestic ones and hopefully, the points that we have mentioned in this article shall give you a significant head-start. Maintain your commercial lawn mower well and you will reap the benefits of your investment.

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