How To Approach Perfection in the Workplace when it doesn’t exist

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The concept of perfection is a difficult one to grasp. Despite this fact, it is one of the most commonly spoken about ideas within the workplace. But when we consider all of the nuts and bolts of perfection, we inevitably stumble upon contradictions. So how do we achieve production efficiency which leads to workplace perfection?

The Pursuit of Perfection

In order to achieve perfection, you have to improve. It seems simple. But in order to improve, you must learn from your mistakes. Again, this is fine. But in order to learn from your mistakes, you must make mistakes, thus removing the possibility of perfection.

And so, it only seems appropriate, as many have, to assume that there is no such thing as true perfection. But what is important once this is realised, is how you proceed. For many, this can result in a “what does it matter anyway?” attitude – if you can’t achieve perfection, what is the point of trying. When we analyse this reaction logically, it is hard to argue with such a mindset, or at least it is hard to win the argument.

Embracing the Impossible: Is it possible to achieve production efficiency?

Yes, perfection is impossible. But that doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t aim for it. Keeping perfection as your target, while recognising that you may only ever catch a glimpse of it for a brief moment or two, is the best way to improve. Remembering that in order to catch a glimpse you will make mistakes, allows you to pursue perfection with momentum, rather than throwing away all of your previous hard work everytime you hit a stumbling block.

One of the cornerstones of striving for perfection is efficiency in the workplace. For most businesses, this means production efficiency, or to put it simply, how fast you can get your products on the market. So as soon as you have embraced this newly formed idea of perfection, the next step is do everything you can reach your optimal performance.

The Heart of the Matter

There are many tactics a company can undertake in order to do this. For example, holding regular team meetings and creating an atmosphere in which employees feel free to speak their minds, even if this means being critical. Making it a company wide policy to instantly report any accidents, mistakes and/or errors that occur. This is crucial as it will allow those in charge to introduce preventative measures to avoid any repeats. Staying on top of every aspect of your company, from the lunch room to the boardroom, and the recycling system to the finance department is of the utmost importance. Each and every element, no matter how small, is an important piece in the puzzle.

If You Can Count It, You Can Change It

Let’s focus in on one aspect that, for many, is difficult to attack head on. When it comes to crunching the numbers, improving production efficiency can prove to be a difficult task. Fortunately, due to advancements in technology, there are concrete steps you can take. One of the best ways to do this is with Evocon, a software solution for managing and improving production efficiency. It is the ideal tool to collect data for those responsible for production scheduling and cost effectiveness. It has enabled up to 15% efficiency growth only one month after its instalment, with some companies reporting a decrease in the number of shifts from three to two. It puts the power in your hands, allowing you to reduce waste, improve overall equipment effectiveness and track downtime. It is the only software that measures the effectiveness that each improvement that has been made, which allows you to track your pursuit of perfection in real time.

This tool is a prime example of how you should approach your business. It allows you to break down, visualise and ultimately understand the inner workings of your company and make adjustments based on logic, rather than gut feeling. This mentality is the closest to perfection you could ever hope to come!

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