7 Amazing Wedding Ideas That Are Eco-Friendly

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Hosting a wedding can be a stressful experience, and sometimes it can be hard to find incorporate eco-friendly ways into your wedding. However, it is possible and can also save you money in the long run. Here are seven fantastic wedding ideas that are eco-friendly. 

Eco-Friendly stationery  

Millions of pieces of paper are discarded every year from weddings worldwide. This includes menus, thank you cards, wedding invitations, and RSVPs. Many companies are now getting creative and making sustainable stationery that is compostable. With many customizable designs available, the opportunities are endless, and you don’t have to worry about wasting any more paper. 

Sustainable wedding dresses 

While many people choose to wear their mother’s dress and shop at the thrift store, there is another option for those who want something new. Many designers are now coming out with new ranges of wedding dresses that are made out of sustainable wedding dresses. You can even choose to pay it forward and pass on your clothing to someone else in need after your wedding. 

Rent don’t buy 

Buying decorations and furniture for your wedding can be expensive, and sometimes you don’t know what to do with everything afterward! While you can choose to donate them, it is likely that some things will still end up in the rubbish pile. If possible, try and rent everything you need instead of buying it. Many companies offer seats and tables for a small price, and you can dress them up with your own DIY decorations.  

Compost your flowers and food waste 

Leftover food and flowers? Don’t throw them out as rubbish! Many people that have their own compost bins would gladly take on your extra food waste and flowers. Just remember there are some things that can’t be composted. If you have a worm farm, you may even consider setting aside something for them! 

Support local farmers 

Catering can add up to be one of the most significant wedding expenses, and purchasing organic food can be more expensive. However, by working with local farmers and speaking with your caterer, you can ensure that you have the freshest food possible, all while helping your local community.  

Choose kegs instead of bottles 

Bottles and cans of alcohol get easily tossed away and forgotten about. To reduce this, try opting to purchase kegs instead. You can even consider getting everyone their own unique glass (you can thrift these) and let them keep it with them throughout the entire night. 

Shop at your local thrift shop 

Some of the best decorations and wedding favors aren’t found at the mall but, in fact, the thrift shop! With so many unique items, you can DIY and spruce things up a bit, so they look as good as new! Check out these DIY wedding ideas for some inspiration. 

Having an eco-friendly wedding is a great step in reducing your carbon footprint and can help teach others about the benefits of being sustainable. Good luck, and remember to enjoy yourself! You’re getting married, and once the planning is done, it’s time to celebrate!

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