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Some Good-to-Know Facts about Living in Evergreen CO

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The usual prelude to a discussion of why living in Evergreen CO is a great choice would be because of its scenic and amazing outdoors. The city boasts twenty-nine (29) parks which totals to a vast 54,000 acres of land for biking, hiking, and skiing during winter time – truly an outdoor paradise. A top-rated educational system makes the place the ideal location to raise and sustain a family. Evergreen also fully supports age-diverse families, showcasing top-notch facilities and services and retirement-oriented activities. Several of Denver’s best shopping, dining, as well as cultural offerings are mostly a 20- to 30-minute short drive from Evergreen.

Evergreen’s rolling and very often steep hills create usually tucked away neighborhood enclaves, providing privacy and significantly bigger lots with hectares of pine forest. Long and winding roads bring you closer to hidden gems that have incredible breathtaking views. There are also plenty of residential properties that will you to relish a babbling creek’s soothing sounds. Luxury architectural features vary widely throughout the community. The most prevalent architectural style would be what they call as the “Mountain modern”. This type of design uses stone and wood exteriors to embody the natural environment.  Numerous residences have elaborated double-height window panels and walls to frame the views of the mountains and meadows. The overall ambience is an evidently small town but with a profusion of contrivances from big cities. 

Living in Evergreen CO: Its Rich History

The name of the town harkens back to the vast array of dense stands of the now fervently safeguarded Ponderosa pine. Its elevated location (7,220 feet) offers views of the magnificent Rockies that are nothing short of spectacular. Equestrians tend to be drawn to Soda Creek, which is a neighborhood with large tracts of land and attuned system for bridle trail. Bear Mountain is also highly regarded with the horse-set, with all of its high vantage point and sizeable lots. Other popular, affluent areas include the Hiwan Island, Hiwan Golf Club, and Troutdale in the Pines, once home to the luxurious Upper Bear Creek hotel resort that housed Greta Garbo, Mary Pickford, Groucho Marx and Clark Gable in the 1920s.

A group of families settled in Evergreen in 1859 to establish a ranching community. A couple of decades later, drawn by its beautiful scenery and accessibility to the city, residents of Denver relocated “up the hill” and constructed summer homes and cabins for hunting. One was Mary Nesho Williams, a socialite and an American Civil War widow. She built a fantastic log lodge with 25 rooms in the 1880s and hosted spectacular summer parties. Guests, one of whom was the renowned poet Robert Frost, had stayed in a luxurious tent with wooden floors and stove. Since then, the property has been transformed to the Hiwan Museum which celebrates the early history of the place, and also includes exhibits on the very first inhabitants of the state, the Ute Indians.

Living in Evergreen CO: The Weather


Let us start with Winter, as the primary concern is usually this season. Mainly depending on the house elevation, winter conditions differ considerably. Most of the homes in Evergreen are between 7,000 feet and 9,000 feet above sea level. Usually, the lower the altitude, the less snow. There are few snowstorms between November and February which can bring a dusting up to about 9 inches. From March to April (Spring) residents will most likely experience two or three big snowstorms – each time delivering about 12 to 18 inches of snow. They are the typical heavy days of snow, where heavy snow accumulates in regardless of the elevation.

Snow does fall in this area, but usually does not accrue on the roads and may not have much influence on your day plans. Approximately 10 percent of the time the snow gets little heavier, but the road workers do quite an excellent job of keeping them clear.

Because there is lower humidity in Evergreen and the sun is so substantial, winter temperatures are not horrible. Evergreen is a lot dryer, so 35 degrees can feel like 55 degrees, — particularly when you are factoring in the sun’s intensity. Sometimes, the temperatures can get below zero degrees in Evergreen during the winter. Typically, the lower temperatures will usually happen at night time, and you will still be in the house, so it is not a big deal for most of their residents. There are a couple of days during the day, though, that there will still be heavy snow and temperatures below zero. Most often than not, schools will close, but others will just remind parents to bundle up their kid in layers of winter clothing.

One of the amazing thing that happens when living in Evergreen CO is that during winter, the majestic landscape of the place transform into what they call as the magical winter wonderland. Furthermore, the snow also typically melts just within a day or two because this place is quite sunny. 


Everybody loves spring. It is the time where plants start budding and growing. The temperature is also great for outdoor activities because it is not too cold and not too hot.


From mid-May to October, the weather in Evergreen is quite comparable to the Central Coast of California with temperatures playing between the mid-70’s and mid-80’s during daytime and the 40’s at night.  July is the warmest month in this area, reaching temperatures up to 90 degrees. Most residents usually keep their windows in the house open (since most does not have and air conditioning unit), or go to the hills during this month.

Summer and Springtime are the best times to enjoy Evergreen CO. 


During this season, the mountains in Evergreen are painted in gold and orange (thanks to the changing of color of the Aspen trees during fall). Mid-September is the best time to visit Evergreen CO and neighboring parts of CO to experience the stunning fall scenery. It also is a great decision to camp this time of year. The cold refreshing nights encourage gathering around a campfire for some stories and s’mores with family and friends.

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