Which is Best Dewalt DW735 or DW735X?

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Whether you are new to the use of bench-top planers or you are experienced with woodwork, you can get value from using the tool. Simply, the use of a planer is to reduce the thickness and smooth the rough surfaces or other natural flaws to get high-quality pieces of furniture. Therefore, if you notice you are spending so much to replace those expensive boards of yours, perhaps it’s time to consider getting a tabletop planer.DeWalt DW735 and DW735X are commonly used planers and in this comparison review, we will discuss what distinguishes one from the other. While there are overlapping features between these models from Dewalt, we are particularly interested in what sets one model apart from the other as we pit them against each other.

DW735 vs DW735X Comparison

We’ll compare these two models based on the following features:

  • Blades

The blade length is one of the main features that distinguishes Dewalt DW735X and DW735. The blades in DW735X are 13-inch long, and these are a bit larger than the ones used in prevalent home-use wood planers. Also, the machine has a triple-knife system. This extends the blade life up to 30% longer and gives it a neater finish. Meanwhile, though these blades offer longer usage time, they can’t be reused or resharpened in DW735. 

  • Infeed And Outfeed Tables

The infeed and outfeed tables and the extra blades are also prominent distinguishing features. In the Dewalt DW735X planer kit, you will see some attachable infeed and outfeed tables. Each table is 13 inches long to give the operators the much-needed support in case they are feeding longboards into the machine. There are no attachable blades in the DW735 model. The implication of which leaves you stuck with flattening shortboards or in some cases, you are required to get the tables separately. Yet, the 19-3/4-inch long base gives more allowance and stability than many other competing models which only offer 10-inch long bases.

  • Weight

The DW735X unit is fully assembled. It is the heaviest of the two models, weighing 105 pounds. Thus, it is a little bit heavier to be portable. Meanwhile, the weight comes in handy when you have to keep the unit stable on your workbench. However, it is recommended that you give it the necessary security by installing the unit with the four corner mounting holes. On the other hand, the DEWALT DW735 unit weighs about 92 pounds without the table. If you get the tables, you will get another 13 pounds to the machine. But this is not an exactly portable planer. This means you have to attach the 13-inch tables to the entrance and exit of the machine nonetheless. 

  • Lock Mechanism

One of the most frustrating things in using a planer is keeping the board locked down against the base of the table. The DW735X model has an automatic locking mechanism that purposely measures the height of the board digitally and keeps it locked down while you work on the machine. This idea of locking the stock is essential in reducing snipe and with this model, you can get rid of most of the manual work. The DW735 model has a locking mechanism too, which is identical to the DW735X’s. In this case, the stock is measured digitally and locked in before it is pushed under the cutting knives. The DW735 model can also support up to 13-inches height of stock.  

The bottom line…

In terms of the distinguishing features, the DW735X is superior in all sense, giving longer blades for cleaner and deeper cuts and offering extra blades to use when the originals go dull. In simpler terms, the only difference between the two models is the extra blades and extensions. The two are great choices, anyway.

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