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5 Green and Socially-Friendly School Fundraisers!

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Is your school looking for fundraising ideas that are not only profitable but also socially responsible and green? 

Fundraising isn’t always about raising the most money possible. Its purpose can be to further your mission, educate your group members, and do well for the community.

Here are a few popular fundraisers that can raise significant funds and do even more for our environment and community.

1) Flower Bulbs

Flower bulb programs have been quite a popular fundraising idea for eco-friendly parties because they beautify communities, make better places for bees and earn schools some decent funds. 

Some flower bulb fundraisers allow you to get 50% of the sales right in your pocket, which is often not the case with many other school fundraisers. 

Students sell flower bulbs from an order-taker and pre-collect the money for items purchased. There is a large selection of premier quality flower bulbs for your supporters to choose from including Dahlia flower mats, Stargazer Lilies, Gladiolas and hanging tomato and strawberry plants.

The retail price of the flower items are extremely reasonable, with most priced between only $6 and $12 each. Your school gets free shipping when they sell $1,000 retail or more which should be a cinch!

2) Candles

Candles are incredibly popular household items, which is why they make excellent school fundraisers. But to be eco-friendly, you will have to find candles with lead-free wicks and natural wax.

Fortunately, there are three eco-friendly candle packages we discovered that offer lead-free wicks and natural wax. You can sell them as a fundraiser using an order-taker and keep 50% of the sales.

Earth Candles

These candles come in lovely canning jars and hourglass tumblers, and you can choose from up to 18 fabulous scents. They come gift-boxed as well, so make for great gift-giving events.

Journey of Faith Candles

These candles are exceptionally popular among the Christian community, as they come labeled with titles such as Hope, Serve, and Praise, as well as Bible scripture. With 8 lovely scents to choose from, your students will generate some quick sales for your school.

Quote Candles

These lovely scented candles are hand-poured and labeled with inspirational quotes. Your supporters can choose any of the eight scents in this package. My favorite candle is Lavender Mist, which is labeled Live, Laugh, Love.

The best thing about these three eco-friendly school fundraising ideas is that they don’t have any upfront costs and you can order some samples to set-up a booth and attract more buyers!

3) Shoe Drive

A shoe drive is among the best eco-friendly fundraising ideas because people waste a lot of them. While the adults and teenagers might use their shoes for several years, the kids grow out of their shoes, sometimes every few months. 

You and your team can help the environment, as well as people, by including a shoe drive in your next school fundraiser.

Your shoe drive fundraisers’ facilitator can collect your lightly-used shoes and hand you the check within two days. After that, they can sell them as used pairs to lower the burdens on the landfills. That makes these fundraising products excellent for people who can’t afford a new pair, and it helps the environment.

4) Bottle Drive 

Bottle drives make excellent fundraisers for schools in all types of communities because they teach them that even the most insignificant thing in a house can amount to something.

Since many households have bottles saved up for days, weeks, and even months, you can easily tap into this opportunity and get some funds for your cause. 

Many facilitators assist in these school bottle drive fundraisers to make the program even more convenient for the students. You can find some companies that will come and collect the bottles for free and hand over the entire amount for the bottles and cans your team collects.. With no service or shipping fees, you can raise a reasonable sum for your school.

5) Pledges for Clean-Up

Why not add pledges for cleaning up along the rivers, lakes, or parks in your town to your list of school fundraising ideas.

For pledge fundraisers, you can gather a group of students and ask them to take pledges from local residents to make their hometown cleaner and more eco-friendly. It can include cleaning-up river and lake shorelines as well as offering spring cleaning services for local residences. Since global warming is a significant issue, most people will readily sign-up pledges, if you make the process very simple.

If you have other socially responsible and green fundraisers you’d like to share, please let us know.

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