5 Home Renovation Ideas For The Environmentally Conscious

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Renovating brings value and new comforts to your home. An equally exciting and daunting process, especially when ensuring your renovations are eco friendly, providing long term environmental benefits. Using eco-friendly materials is a fundamental start, but the whole process can be stepped up a level for sustainable eco-conscious results. Rather than renovating your home to boost aesthetics, you could opt for eco-friendly solutions that will increase property value and save you money for years to come.

With an ever-increasing drive to sustainability, there are amazing developments to go green in every facet of your home, from LED strip lighting to portable power and DIY solar panel kits. It’s an excellent time to rethink your home and how you can minimize your carbon footprint.

Innovative Solar Power

There is nothing new about solar power; the basic idea has been around for ages. What has changed is the technology’s efficiency. Cutting edge solar cells now use organic compounds to maximise functionality while minimizing environmental impact. Even if you don’t use solar panels to power your entire home, you can still make a huge difference by using them to power water heaters.

Even though solar power is nothing new, homeowners are able to opt for impressively new technologies, such as DIY solar panels and DIY solar panel kits that will drastically reduce the initial costs of switching to renewable energy. DIY home solar power has broadened the horizons for anyone hoping to renovate their homes on a budget.

Powerless Heated Pools

Speaking of hot water, how’s about a heated pool without a conventional power source? The comfort and luxury of a heated pool would usually cost a fortune and use enormous amounts of electricity. Luckily there is a simple and inexpensive solution! 

Powerless heated pools can be created with a set of tubed panels mounted on the sun-facing side of your roof and small solar-powered pump that cycles the water in direct sunlight and heat. Even on a cold day, as long as the sun is shining, your pool will always be welcoming. Once again, homeowners can opt for DIY home solar options to reduce costs while also dramatically boosting property value.

Choose Darker Exterior Colours

As we all know, white reflects light and black absorbs it. This is true of the exterior of your home as well. While painting your home black might be a tad sad, choosing a darker shade of your favourite colour is proven to increase the temperature of the inside of your home by a couple of degrees. The same principle can be reversed if you live in a scorching region. Either way, you will save electricity in heating or cooling your home.

Informed Landscaping

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, so goes the old saying. This applies to eco-friendly gardening rather well. While you are in the process of renovation, you should include your garden in your efforts to go greener. Remove trees that use excessive water and replace them with environmentally friendlier options. It would be best if you also strived towards planting only indigenous flora. 

Smart Lighting In Flowing Spaces

If you have large open areas or are looking to knock down a few walls to create a more spacious environment, you can make a massive difference to your carbon footprint using smart lighting. Rather than lighting solutions dedicated to each space, look for ways to illuminate multiple areas with a single light source. 

The challenge you will face is that the far ends, nooks and crannies of your living areas may be dimly lit. A stylish and power-saving solution is to implement LED lighting in these areas, bringing complete luminescence without using the equivalent electricity of dedicated lighting.

Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Improvements

While some home renovations and improvements may aim to boost functionality, comfort, or even visual appeal, eco-friendly improvement dramatically reduce living costs. In addition to this, these improvements will also maximize property value as more potential buyers search for homes that boast environmentally-friendly features. 

The benefits of renovating with the environment in mind won’t just help save the planet as they will also help stretch your budget. Such home modifications will radically reduce power bills, improve health, and provide a lengthy list of extraordinary benefits that will make the initial costs more than worth it. When it comes to affordably eco-friendly improvements, opting for DIY home solar solutions and other DIY options is the best route. Even though the initial costs are considered somewhat steep, a lifetime of savings makes the price more than worth it.

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