Switching to Solar Power: The Importance of Solar Cables

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Energy conservation is essential these days as the sources of our fossil fuels are getting exhausted. Therefore, most of the people are shifting to renewable or green energy sources. Going green not only helps you in protecting the environment but it is also quite pocket friendly. By going green you get to save a huge amount of money. There are many ways of conserving energy and one of these effective ways is by utilizing solar energy. You can simply start energy saving by installing ZW Solar panels and shifting some of your load on it. Finally, when over time you get used to solar panels you can completely go green.

Reasons for Using Solar Cables & Going Green

Other than the obvious economic benefits that you will be able to reap by converting to solar power, here are some of the top reasons why you should consider using solar cables.

Eco Friendly:

Solar energy is beneficial for the earth, it is a clean and green source of energy that produces no carbon footprint. Other than this, solar power doesn’t produce pollution at all by releasing greenhouse gases. it just needs a source of clean water for functioning and harnessing energy from the sun nothing more. It is a self-sufficient system that is safe and easy to install.

Helps You in Going Off the Grid:

The increasing trend of installing solar panels and using solar cables in the construction of homes is a loud and clear example of its benefits. Traditionally, the use of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas for producing electricity is common. As these fossil fuels are replenishing, therefore the prices of energy produced through them keep on fluctuating. Whereas, solar electricity production makes you independent of this volatile energy market and its prices. Moreover, you get independent in producing your electricity so you don’t have to worry about paying electricity bills anymore.

What are Solar Cables and Why Do You need to use them?      

Solar cables or solar wires are the special energy carrying vessels of any solar system. Just like the arteries and veins in our body, these wires and cables transport the electricity produced by your solar system. The main function of the solar cables is to interconnect the solar panels with other components of the photovoltaic system.

 Solar cables are weather and UV resistant and you can use them in a wide temperature range.

Difference Between Solar Cables & Wires:

Wire and cable are two different things that people generally use as synonyms, but there is a huge difference between them. A solar wire such as ZW wire is a single conductor, on the hand, a solar cable is a cluster of conductors inside an insulated jacket. Simply speaking, different wires combine to make up cables.

Types of Solar Wires:

There are two types of solar wires:

  • The single or solid wire.
  • The stranded wire.

Single/Solid Wire:

A single or solid conductor uses a single sheet of conductor wrapped inside an insulating sheath. The static appliances use this type of wires.

Stranded Wire:

Whereas, stranded wires use multiple thin strands of conductors in them which after twisting together forms a single wire core. Appliances like vehicles or robots that require frequent fluctuation use these wires.

Types of Solar Cables and Their Uses:

Broadly speaking, there are two types of solar cables i.e.

  • Solar DC Cables.
  • Solar AC Cables.

Solar DC Cables:

The basic function of these cables is to connect different components of the photovoltaic system. These cables have suitable connectors that enable them to interconnect different parts.

Solar AC Cables:

Solar AC Cables links the power inverter of the solar system to the main electricity grid. However, in three-phase inverters, a five-core AC Cable is used to connect with the low voltage grid.   

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