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Consumers are the Driving Force Behind Packaging Going Green

One of the biggest and most notable changes in the packaging and postal industries in recent years has been a shift towards sustainable packaging and green practices. This is no surprise, as environmental damage has been a huge topic and cause for concern with both people and businesses now looking for ways that they can be more environmentally friendly in their lives.

Consumers Pushing for Change

It is actually the consumers that have pushed for this change and businesses are now having to adapt to satisfy increasingly eco-aware and selective consumers. This is evident from the YouGov survey which looked into people’s views on plastic usage as 82% of respondents stated that they were actively trying to reduce the amount that they throw away and most support Government policies like bottle deposits schemes and widening the plastic bag charge.

Plastic Packaging 

The survey revealed that 81% of people are now watching out for plastic packaging on fresh fruit and veg, 36% are reducing plastic in their household cleaning products and a quarter are wary of plastic packaging when it comes to personal care products. Not only this, but 69% think all companies should be legally required to use eco-friendly packaging even if this resulted in a price increase.

How Businesses Can Change

It is clear that the UK public is becoming increasingly eco-aware and taking action to use less plastics, so it is no surprise that businesses are now opting for sustainable packaging and finding ways to make their business greener. This is something that parcel courier comparison website Parcel2Go support and have recently shared what they believe businesses should be doing in terms of green packaging. This includes using recyclable materials like cardboard and paper and ensuring packaging is minimalistic or plant-based.

The Importance of Changing

Switching to sustainable packaging is important in today’s day and age because there are so many packages and parcels sent (especially during Covid-19). Using materials that are not sustainable is bad for the environment and will create a tremendous amount of waste, but using green materials will help to reduce environmental impact and help to satisfy your target customer. The survey suggests that people might stop using a business if they do not start using sustainable packaging, so there are business benefits in addition to environmental benefits to consider and it will have a direct impact on your reputation.

Environmental impact has been an enormous topic in the news in recent years and people are now making big changes in their life to be more environmentally friendly. For those in the postal and packaging industries, it is important to be aware of how you can do your part and switching to sustainable packaging is just one way that you can do this.

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