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Which Brands are Leading the Way in the Electric Motorcycle Industry?

It is clear that the electric car revolution is underway with more and more motorists making the switch and reaping the benefits, but what about electric motorcycles? While these have not quite taken off just yet, it is expected that they will rise in popularity soon particularly with so many excellent models available which can still provide a thrilling two-wheel experience.

So, which brands are leading the way in the electric motorcycle industry? 


Zero is an all-electric brand that has been around for a while and played a key role in the rising populate of electric bikes. Formed in 2006, they released their Zero S model in 2010 and since then have released a new model practically every year which has helped to improve the standard of this type of vehicle so they are certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Harley Davidson

There are few vehicle brands as iconic as Harley Davidson, so it is no surprise that they are looking to dominate in the all-electric industry with the Livewire model, but this will be challenging for a brand that is best known for their powerful and roaring engines. 


Energica is another manufacturer that has played a key role in recent years. The Energica Eva is currently causing a fair amount of excitement as a high-performing all-electric bike that is capable of highs of 125mph with a range of 125 miles too.


Electric drive systems can free up designers to be a bit more creative and Cake is a good example of this. The manufacturer has a modular electric model called OSA which can be customised as a cargo bike and even has the capability of adding a passenger seat and innovation like this could play a huge role in electric motorcycles in years to come.

The Future

It will certainly be interesting to see what the future holds for the electric motorcycle industry once it gathers speed. Marketing Manager at Devitt Insurance, Tom Warsop stated:

“With mainstream motorcycle manufacturers such as Harley Davidson entering the electric bike arena with Livewire, and Triumph and Ducati not far behind, it’s clear that the future is electric. There’s work to be done on the infrastructure to support widespread use of electric vehicles but with emergence of electric bike manufacturers such as Zero, Energica and Arc, it’s certainly going to be exciting to watch it develop within the motorcycle industry.”

Electric motorbikes are not proving to be quite as popular as electric cars just yet, but this is sure to change with the arrival of impressive new bikes which can emulate the all-important feeling of riding a motorcycle while still being environmentally-friendly.

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