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How To Build An Indoor Putting Green

If you are a golfer, you must have thought about having an indoor putting green in your own house. The issue with that is most people do not know how to make an indoor putting green. It is easy and convenient to build an indoor putting green and anyone can do it on his/her own. It is cheap and just takes a few hours to build an indoor putting green. If you are struggling to build an indoor putting green by yourself, we have included instructions to make it easy for you.

First Step: Get the supplies

Firstly, you have to get the supplies for the indoor putting green. Before getting the supplies, you need to decide the size of the putting you want to build and whether it would be permanent or temporary. The putting green can be made permanent by the use of frames and can be made portable by the use of putting mats. You will need plywood sheets, turf, wooden frame, putting mat, cups, carpet knife, screws, saw, drill, carpet adhesive, support beams, and tape. All these supplies should be assembled in the right quantity depending on the size of the indoor putting green that you want to build.

Second Step: Construction

Step 1: Build outer frame

You should initiate the construction by building the outer frame of the putting green. You should drill the frame to prevent the wood from splitting and moving and then put each piece together with the help of screws.

Step 2: Place inner frame

The inner frame should be cut in the proper size to fit the inside of the outer frame and should be installed properly. You will need support beam to support plywood sheets and make sure that the framing is levelled.

Step 3: Install Plywood

You should attach the plywood sheets to the frame and put the plywood on top of the frame. You should support the edges of plywood with support beams.

Step 4 : Make Holes and Install Cups

You should mark holes where you want to place cups. Accordingly, you will have to drill holes for placing the cups. After the drilling is complete and holes have been made, you will have to install cups at these holes with the help of adhesive.

Step 5: Install Turf

Install the turf in a way that it covers the entire frame with the help of adhesive and leave it for a few days so that it can dry off. You need to cut any extra edges of the turf that sticks out by using carpet knife.

Third Step: Test the Indoor Putting Green

Now when your indoor putting green is ready to use, then it is time to test out the newly built indoor putting green. Start by testing the flatness of the putting green by stepping on it. Now start playing by throwing a ball inside the cups and see if the cups match the size of the balls. After you have tested out your indoor putting green successfully, you are ready to show off your new achievement.


By building an indoor putting green inside your house, you can practice and excel in the game and play anytime you like. This indoor putting green will be of much greater use when you do not want to go outside to play as you can easily play at home with friends and family. You can even invite fellow golfers to play with you and let them appreciate your hard work on building this exquisite putting green.

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