How To Get A Chihuahua To Like You?

You get a new puppy or dog, you are excited about your new mate and look forward to being best friends with them. But what if your Chihuahua is not as close to you as you expected? Don’t worry!!! There are many things that you can do to bond more closely with a chihuahua. 

Ways To Bond With Your Chihuahua

Teach Your Chihuahua A Trick Or A Command

This is a great way to create a bond with your Chihuahua. This will require teamwork. You will be the coach, and your Chihuahua is the player. Together you can teach and learn,  and gradually you will see the results of your efforts.

This helps you to bond with your Chihuahua because once he learns a trick or a command, and when he performs it in front of other people, he often loves the praise and attention that he gets.

TIP: Although buying a muzzle for your Chihuahua is not something you want to do. But​ Chihuahua muzzles are essential when you are training your Chihuahua, especially if he is​ a bitey one. 

Give Your Chihuahua Fresh Dog Food

Always give your dog the best you could afford. Diet is crucial to a dog’s health. If you want your new pup to grow strong and healthy, feed them with fresh, high-quality dog food. Dogs get easily attached to the people who feed them, especially when the food is extra tasty. Bond with your beloved chihuahua by feeding them a delicious and nutritious diet, including dog food, treats, and chews. This is especially effective if you have a food-motivated pup. 

Learn A Puzzle Game Together

Most of the dogs do not challenge enough to flex their mental muscles. Dogs are extremely intelligent, and chihuahuas are capable of so much.

For a dog to live up to its potential, he needs learning opportunities. Playing a puzzle game together helps the dog gain confidence in a healthy and fun way. 

There are many fantastic games in which dogs can learn to move pieces to reveal a prize, paw levers, or nose doors. You can also make your own homemade puzzle of sorts with upside-down opaque cups and a small toy or treat.

Talk To Your Chihuahua More Often

You will be surprised to know that every word you say to your dog matters. A recent study that involved MRI scan of dogs, taken while their owners talked to them proved:

That filler words such as “then” or “if” were even processed by the dogs. In addition to this and very important to the element of bonding, it was found by researchers that happy voices made the auditory cortex of the dog to light up. 

How much you talk to your Chihuahua and the tone you use, is vital to build a bond and strengthen your connection. So talk to your dog often and in a friendly tone as much as possible. It does not matter what you talk to your dog about, he will just love to listen to your voice. Although your dog cannot give you an answer, just knowing that he is listening to you will make you feel closer to him as well.

Make Your Chihuahua Your Sidekick

Sometimes when you have got to run errands or do stuff, it seems easier to leave your Chi at home. However, the more you do things together and the more time you spend with each other, the closer you will get.

If you are going to places where it will be difficult for your Chihuahua to keep up with you or they are too crowded, you can use a stroller or a carry bag or a tote. 

Exposing your Chihuahua to new places, other people, sights, and sounds help him to get accustomed to these elements, and if they are done in a measured way, it helps with the socialization for a Chihuahua. The more he goes out, the better he behaves in the future, and your bond will also get stronger. 

Use The Element Of Loving Touch

Some of the small dogs, such as Chihuahuas, don’t like full wrap hugs. Some dogs generally do not like it if their paws are touched or if they are touched from behind or without warning. Studies show that dogs prefer to be petted rather than praised and show more interest in people who pet them.

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