5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Solar-Powered Energy

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In recent years, studies have shown that the number one cause of industrial air pollution in the United State is because of electricity. When we use electricity to power our homes, charge our phones, and cook dinner, we burn coal, nuclear, and other non-renewable power sources that put back a ton of pollution and other damaging toxins back into our air. That’s why switching your home’s source of electricity to one that’s fueled by solar power will not only help you but the entire planet.

Now that the country is quarantined in their houses and at home for most of the day, the amount of electricity being used in most homes in a single day has increased. Especially now that it’s summer, many families love to run their air conditioners to keep cool. However, the summer season is the perfect time to switch to a renewable energy source. Here’s why —

1. You’ll Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

What most people don’t know about solar energy is that it’s way more affordable than the average electricity bill! When you invest in something like a solar panel for your home, you pay a one-time investment. Most solar panels actually last for up to 25 years. As long as it’s consuming the sun’s light rays and converting it into the energy you need to power the appliances around your home, you won’t need to use electricity the way you used to. 

Many people overlook switching to a solar-powered home because of how costly the equipment sounds at first, but if you think about it, in the long run, your electricity bill will be almost obsolete, and you’ll be able to use the money you saved for other things.

2. You’ll Increase Your Property Value

Property taxes on your home, paying rent for your business space, or running the office of your non-profit organization can also be expensive. However, by investing in solar panels for your space, you can increase your property value. Many investors and appraisers are attracted to the idea of a property that is eco-friendly, and most solar-powered homes will sell faster than non-solar powered homes.

If the town you live in is somewhere you don’t want to spend the rest of your life, you might want to think about how switching to a renewable energy source today will benefit you when you’re finally ready to sell your home and move somewhere new.

3. You’ll Help Your Local Community

One of the best things about switching from electricity to solar power is that if you own a home and place solar panels on your roof, they are easily visible – and this can act as a source of inspiration for your neighbors and your local community. Being the first person to take initiative on your block can inspire others to do the same. Imagine the great environmental impact your whole neighborhood could have if you all switched to a source of solar power.

If investing in solar power for your own home isn’t something you’re too keen on, you might also want to consider how your community can invest in a city-wide source of renewable energy. For example, in the boroughs of New York City, solar power plants are placed around town to benefit larger areas such as street lamps and parks. See if you can write to your local elected officials to see how your city can become more environmentally conscious (and save money while you’re at it!)

4. Natural Lighting In Your Environment Will Improve Your Headspace

Have you ever lived in an apartment that had no windows? Did you ever have an office job stuck in a cubicle, hidden from any doors or rays of sunlight? Being away from natural light can have a huge effect on our mood and productivity. In recent years, mental health studies have reported all the ways natural light can change one’s mindset throughout the course of the day.

For many millennials, first-time homeowners, or brand new apartment renters, the first thing looked for when picking out a place to live is if natural light reaches the living space. While it might sound like this only depends on the location of your home or if you have windows surrounding you or not, a solar-powered home will still absorb more of the sun’s energy than a non-solar powered home. 

If you’re looking for a new way to feel comfortable in your living space, try switching to solar power.

5. You’re Saving the Planet

It’s been predicted that there are only a few years left before the effects of global warming on the environment become irreversible forever. Switching to a renewable energy source can go a long way in the mission of protecting our planet and using its natural resources as much as humans can. 

By taking in the sun’s natural energy and converting it to the power that would otherwise be fueled by regular sources of electricity, cleaner, greener energy will be put back into the atmosphere. This reduces the number of fossil fuels in the air and can combat the number of greenhouse gasses that so many big cities like LA and New York City omit in the US. Switching to solar energy will not only be a source of healing power for your home, income, and mindset, but you’ll also be healing the planet.

On the surface, being environmentally friendly can sound pointless to many people, as if one home on the entire globe can make a difference. However, the switch to renewable energy and the benefits it gives back to the environment proves that every person who contributes will make a difference.

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