How to Control Vermin in Multi-Family Rental Properties

Multi-family dwellings can be managed with ease if the right steps are taken to keep things in order. When it becomes apparent that pests are an issue, it is up to management to jump on the situation right away. Unlike dealing with vermin control strategies that are commonly used in single family dwellings, a more comprehensive plan is necessary for eradicating insects, mice, and other critters. Learn how to control vermin in buildings housing multiple families by finding out how they became infested in the first place.

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Pinpoint the Main Source of Infestation 

With multi-family rental properties, there is going to be a lot of foot traffic, and subsequently, waste. These type of rentals typically house families that include children as well as adults of all ages. There could be a single unit that is attracting vermin, or you might find that the waste disposal plan implemented is insufficient for keeping pests away. This source article explains the best methods of waste storage and removal in multi-family rental properties for preventing sanitation and pest issues. Use this method in conjunction with regular apartment inspections to locate where pests are coming from as well as what is attracting them to your property. 

Treat All Rental Units at the Same Time

After coming up with a system that building occupants and management can use to keep waste relegated to one secure location and pinpointing the source of the infestation, it’s time to move onto treatment. First, you want to ensure that all possible entry points for pests to enter are blocked. You can use steel wool, plaster, and even commercial grade sealants to plug up holes, cracks, and hidden crevices. Last, you will need to have all rental units and common areas treated for pests at the same time. Consider using natural or non-toxic pest control chemicals so that no children or pets are accidentally harmed. 

Monitor Units for Progress to Avoid Re-Infestation 

Once you have your vermin issues under control in a multi-family dwelling, you need to keep a close eye on the situation. Pests can, and frequently do, come back, particularly if there is a source of food or water available. Check all apartments for water leaks and ask residents to keep their apartments neat and free of excess food and clutter. If you continue to monitor all apartment units regularly, you will typically know when vermin come back well before it becomes a major issue. Sometimes laying down a few traps and re-treating the area for chemicals periodically can be a major deterrent for pests. 

With apartment buildings that hold multiple families, you have to consider that there is going to be a lot of movement, a lot of trash, and a variety of cleaning styles. People are going to occupy and move out of units regularly, and families are going to have holidays, events, and a multitude of visitors. Pest infestations are going to happen on occasion, no matter what preventative actions property management and residents take. Just be diligent about cleanliness and treatment so that residents do not become unhappy. 

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