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How To Choose The Best Nature Safe Flushable Wipes?

Do you keep on flushing wet wipes down the toilet? This habit is considered to be ruinous both to your plumbing system and the environment unless you’ve started using the eco-friendly, flushable solutions. 

Flushable wipes are known to be nature-safe, organic, and non-detrimental to septic tanks and drain pipes. There is a huge variety of such moist cloths, suitable for both personal and household use. Most of them contain nourishing, hypoallergenic, and soothing ingredients, particularly designed for sensitive and gentle skin. 

The following tips will help you make the best choice. 

Select a type

The inceptive thing to consider when purchasing your very first nature-safe, flushable wipes is the type. There is an extensive assortment of such products in the market, suitable for wiping your face, cleaning babies, wiping household surfaces, and taking care of your intimate hygiene. 

For instance, the face variants are particularly favorable for individuals whose skin is overly sensitive as well as incredibly dry. Most of these nature-safe products contain no alcohol but are made with nourishing and soothing ingredients, such as aloe or chamomile. Make sure you click here to check out the miraculous benefits of chamomile for one’s skin and overall health.

In addition, the flushable wipes for babies are another predominantly used type of such eco-friendly products. These variants are not solely biodegradable but hypoallergenic as well, providing enough moisture for babies’ delicate skin. 

The use of no alcohol and other chemicals is crucial for avoiding dryness, redness, and itchiness. These are also convenient for parents, as they can dispose of them safely by tossing them into the toilet, without worrying about clogs or fatbergs. 

Moreover, personal hygiene wipes are convenient for individuals who are constantly on the go, hence coping with numerous situations when bathing is not an option. These nature-safe products are designed to provide the same benefits of having a shower by using a plant-based formula with vitamins. You’ll be doing no harm to the environment by burying such environmentally-friendly wipes into the ground, as these are absolutely biodegradable. 

The household variants are designed for effective cleaning of all kinds of household surfaces, capable of removing dirt and dust effectively. Unlike conventional cleaning products, the flushable wipes employ no chemicals for the purpose of disinfection. In contrast, these products contain natural ingredients like tea tree oil, which have proven to be excellent cleaners due to their disinfecting properties. The following link,, explains the numerous benefits of tea tree oil.

Ultimately, flushable wipes can be used for taking proper care of feminine hygiene. The products designed for this purpose are hypoallergenic as well as PH balanced to prevent any irritation of the intimate area. 

Choose the right material

Regular wet wipes cannot be considered as flushable or environmentally-friendly due to their formula. These are made from plastic, polyester, and other harmful materials that cause fatbergs, damage to sewer systems, marine pollution, and plastic riverbeds. In contrast, flushable wipes are made from organic materials whose fibers decompose in a period no longer than a couple of weeks.

For instance, bamboo is considered to be one of the softest, most sustainable, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic materials on the planet. The products made from this fabric are believed to be one of the fastest in terms of biodegradation. 

Furthermore, cotton is another popular material when it comes to the production of moist cloths, but these are thicker than the ones made from bamboo. Nowadays, most of the eco-friendly solutions, such as flushable Goodwipes, are made from organic, biodegradable fibers. Therefore, make sure you look for products with 100% organic cotton, as this variant contains no pesticides, gained in the process of cultivation. 

Consider price

The flushable products are costlier than the conventional ones due to the use of biodegradable materials. The baby and household variants are available for purchase at lower costs than the ones for personal and feminine hygiene. Keep in mind that purchasing such products can save you from paying high plumbing fees for unclogging your drainpipe or septic tank.

Final word

Everyone should strive to protect the environment.

Using flushable wipes might be a minor step but it’s undoubtedly a significant one! 

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