What To Look For in Water Filter- 10 Things to Consider

Water filtering technologies have really expanded in the past few years. Now you are able to purchase very specific, high-tech devices that can filter your water to a very pure form. These have become increasingly popular with the general public, with most people being swayed to purchase them. 

If you consider yourself a novice in this field it is important to educate yourself before purchasing any water filter. To help save you time and effort a list of ten things to consider before purchasing any water filter has been researched below.

A Point of Use or Point of Entry water filter system

Whilst both of these options are a great way for you and your family to get access to fresh, filtered water, it is important to outline the pros and cons of them before you buy. A point of use filtration system indicates a filtration system used where you want to use it. This can be through a under the sink filtration system, a bottle or a larger water filtration device, such as a jug. These are more suitable in situations where you are concerned with the purity of your drinking water, ensuring it is safer, cleaner and better tasting. This is the cheaper option of the two due to its being a less permanent.

A point of entry filtration system cleans all water that comes into the house, office place or sports centre etc. These are predominately used in areas were increased sediment or sand is in prevalent. This will help eliminate any particles you see in your toilet, bathtub or anywhere water runs through your house. Most point of entry systems also reduces bad tasting drinking water too. This option cost a considerable amount more, due to it being a permanent solution, requiring a renovation onto your house.

How is Your Water Quality?

Deciding between a point of entry and a point of use water filtration system can be solved easily when considering the quality of your water. Most of the time water quality is a visible, meaning that your water might have a lot of sediment in it, or it can look unclean. Other times it can taste or smell unclean or at least not normal or can leave behind white patches, meaning it is hard water. To get a definitive answer on your waters quality you can send it off to a lab, this way you know exactly the dangers you face (if any). This will help you to decide which water filtration system is correct for you. Check out waterfilterspot for further reading. 

How Much Water Do You Use?

You should be aware of exactly how much water you use within the building you are looking to get water filtration systems before taking the plunge and installing them. Understanding your daily usage will help you decide on a model, on your budget and the needs of the whole building. 

If you are purchasing a water filtration system for a large family, their average water use will be high. If you are looking to purchase a water filtration system for yourself, or for a building that a couple occupy then the average water use will be lower. This could be deemed as an expensive purchase due to the lack of water usage, but this too boils down to your proposed budget. 

What is Your Budget?

Investing in a water purifier can be expensive, it is important to keep within your budget. Before looking into what systems are available or best suited to your houses needs, you must set a budget. High quality brands are usually more expensive than the rest, but not always the best ones for you. It is important to remember that there are a lot of great quality systems that are affordable and work brilliantly. 

Registered Products are Important

Whilst you may think that this is a given, you must be specific when purchasing a new water filtration that it is registered. The cheaper, less known brands may offer amazing deals, but they do not come registered and so maintenance works can become very costly. 

Maintenance Costs

Alongside purchasing a registered product, you must consider maintenance costs and how they could impact you in the long-term. These possible maintenance costs must fit in within your budget. For example, their water filtration systems need changing every 3-4 months up to a year. 

Create a Unique Filtration Offering

With the many offerings available you can create a very unique filtration system in your house. These can range from having a single tap fitted with a filtration system, only having this in your kitchen or a dedicated room that offers filtered water. This really gives you the opportunity to consider exactly what you want.

Purchase a Filtration System with a Change Indicator Light

These are great for letting you know when it is time to replace your filters. Most filtration systems have these fitted in, but there are still some instances were they do not come with the product. If possible, look for a system that has these built in. 

They can be Used with Water Softener Systems

This has been an aged old question or hindrance for many people looking to purchase water filtration systems. Yes, you can use these with systems alongside a water softener system. 

Don’t Forget all the Benefits!

Whilst this review is transparent, offering you the truth about the cost and hard decisions you may have to make when purchasing a water filtration system for your house. Please do not forget all the health benefits they can bring to you and your family, workspace or communal area. 

Closing Thoughts

It is important to do your research, stay within your budgets and find the best fitting solution for you. Water filtration systems can be as unique as you need them to be, do not be afraid to ask for what you require. There are many different solutions that could work well for you, get in touch with the right people that offer reasonable prices and a registered, reputable product. 

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