Upgrade Your Electrics to Improve Energy Efficiency

What can you do to reduce your power usage? Savvy entrepreneurs know to ask this question on a regular basis. Exercising due diligence with your energy consumption benefits both the environment and your bottom line. It can be as simple as switching out some lightbulbs, and by making strategic changes, you can also improve your green credentials. Save the planet and stretch your budget by upgrading your electrics in the following ways. 

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Perform an Inspection

Start by finding a reputable commercial electrical service provider in your area. They can visit your business and assess the infrastructure to help you with a variety of issues, including:

  • Rewiring connections
  • Installing security systems
  • Enhancing workplace safety
  • Analyzing interior and exterior lighting

With their guidance and expertise, you can rest assured that any potential electrical problem is quickly addressed. Most utility companies offer free energy audits to identify additional opportunities to minimize your impact. 

Switch to Solar

The Solar Investment Tax Credit and falling prices have made it easier than ever to leverage the power of the sun. Organizations that buy solar panels in 2020 are entitled to a 26% discount on installation costs. There’s more to gain than a lower energy bill. Solar also helps you avoid power outages, as well as enhancing your public image. 

Get Skylights

Another way to make use of the sun is by letting it enter your building through skylights. This can reduce your need for artificial lighting during the day. Moreover, studies show that natural light in the office has a positive effect on employee satisfaction and productivity. The same is true for indoor plants, which can also increase air quality and humidity.  

Buy Efficient Equipment

Whether it’s a printer for the office or a refrigerator for the break room, keep an eye out for the ENERGY STAR certification. Devices and appliances with the ENERGY STAR rating have undergone testing to verify that they’re efficient. From computers to fans to thermostats and beyond, you can find the logo on almost any electrical product. 

Install Motion Sensors

Turning off the lights when leaving a room should be standard practice, but it’s inevitable that someone will occasionally forget to flip the switch. Fitting a few motion sensors eliminates the risk of this happening in addition to making your workplace more modern and convenient. 

Ditch the Desktops

Did you know that desktop computers consume an average of 80% more power than laptops? Bulky old towers demand around 175 watts of energy, while their portable alternatives require less than 60 watts. Replacing desktops with laptops will cut down your electricity usage, increase office space and allow employees to work remotely. 

Use Fans

Simple as they may be, fans reliably assist with reaching comfortable temperatures in summer and maintaining air movement at a low cost. They can manage humidity levels as well, further reducing your dependence on heavy HVAC systems. Similarly, plugging air leaks with weather stripping will prevent heating and cooling loss. 

Don’t forget to let the team know about your energy saving initiative. Encourage them to get involved and offer suggestions so that everyone is on board. 

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