How an Electric Fireplace Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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As the weather changes and gets cooler, a crisp fall day sipping on your favorite beverage and relaxing in front of your fireplace is a moment that we all cherish — especially if we are contributing to the environment in the process.

In this post, you will learn:

  • Definition of Eco-Friendly
  • What is an Eco-Friendly electric fireplace?

What is the definition of eco-friendly?

We hear the term, “eco-friendly” a lot as green technology is improving our quality of life and our planet. It’s used on consumer products and promoted for construction upgrades along with other things. 

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, eco-friendly is defined as, “Not environmentally harmful”. In other words, not having a bad effect on the natural environment or world. 

Most products that claim to be eco-friendly cause little to no direct ecological damage, but when consumers look deeper, the indirect ecological damage becomes clear.

What is an eco-friendly electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are considered one of the most eco-friendly options in the fireplace vertical. They cause almost no direct environmental impact and indirect impact is low-to-moderate for most areas.

Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, electrics do not give off any toxic greenhouse gases. Carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas, is still emitted with burning logs in a new “clean combustion” wood stove or retrofitted fireplace insert.

Electric fireplaces will not contribute to indoor moisture, mold growth, or ventilation issues. Some fireplaces even work to improve indoor air by using air filters that clean the air multiple times per hour. The good news is that improved air quality can materialize along with advanced technology to ensure eco-friendly status. See more electric fireplace comparisons and insights from this electric fireplace buying guide.

Nearly all fireplaces made after 1990 are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than older models due to improved federal government regulation, such as the Clean Air act. 

The global landscape can also benefit from carbon footprint reduction. One of the ways that relates to fireplaces is through wood burning fireplaces. The pollution and carbon dioxide in the air are the main contributors on a small scale (large scale is wildfire). Keep in mind that wood burning fireplaces also remove trees from the environment, in turn, contributing to the greenhouse effect, which increases CO2 and reduces oxygen in the atmosphere. Advanced electric fireplaces eliminate this concern while delivering an authentic look and feel

Some direct value includes electrics that integrate infrared quartz technology — typically reserved for heat. 100% of its electrical power is converted to heat with this feature. Unlike wood-burning or natural gas fireplaces, which may dissipate as much as 50 percent of their heat energy into the atmosphere. 

With infrared quartz, think of the sunlight warming your skin. It takes natural sunlight and heat waves, captures and converts it into eco-friendly use to warm a living space as a secondary heat source.

If an electric fireplace has a thermostat (hopefully built-in), then conserving energy is easier to manage. The best electric fireplace would have a built-in heater (infrared quartz), built-in thermostat, and uses the latest technology to manage the unit such as a smartphone app. 


Overall, many homes today are being built with efficiency in mind and include products that save or expend less energy. Electric fireplaces offer many eco-friendly and green benefits. The main offering is a greener lifestyle. 

Current homeowners are upgrading their home to eco-friendly fireplaces with the main goal of offsetting energy consumption. Luxury electric fireplace units are economical and environmentally-friendly that can save on an annual energy bill. Especially with a built-in thermostat and the capability of heating the rooms used often by your friends and family. Whereas, with a wood-burning or gas fireplaces and they are safer in the process. 

As far as the costs are concerned, consider the utility bill implications as an alternative to gas fireplaces or ethanol fireplaces. Here is a utility bill cost calculator to assist you with any electric fireplace buying decision. 

Electric fireplace heating units are less expensive for the mechanical units. The latest and luxury technology, such as holoflame are a premium expense, but carry the advanced features the mechanical brands can’t deliver. Remember to take direct and indirect ecological impact when choosing a fireplace. The great news is that eco-friendly electric fireplaces are easy to install and maintain. Just ensure there is a standard 110V power outlet to plug and play. 

If you want to fight climate change by reducing your carbon footprint, then your family room or living room electric fireplace focal point is an excellent place to start.

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