How Offices Can Become More Environmentally Friendly

Not only is it good to be greener in the office, but employees can benefit too. Changes can be larger or small, however, they can all contribute to reducing the impact that an operating business can have.

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Here are 5 ways that companies can become a little better for the environment. 

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

The cleaning supplies are often something that gets overlooked, but that’s where companies like Satellite Industries come in. They have decades of experience supplying cleaning supplies and restroom facilities to companies. 

For instance, an Eco deodorizer is especially good at keeping everything clean and smelling great while being safer for the planet too. With these kinds of consumables, it’s important to choose something dependable as the typical office will go through many bottles of supplies in a given year. 

Augment Energy Supplies with Solar Panels

While the company will no doubt require more power than can be supplied by alternative energy sources, even reducing the dependence on standard utilities by half is a good move. 

Fortunately, most companies with an office and rooftop access can get a series of energy-efficient solar panels installed along with a battery bank to collect the energy once it’s been converted. The company can then use the battery power when there’s juice available and access the power grid when there is not. 

Also, for businesses with backup power systems including emergency lighting, being able to have an additional source of power in the event of a sustained power cut isn’t bad either.

Switch Appliances to Energy Efficient Ones

When upgrading current appliances, take the opportunity to switch to replacements with a better energy rating.

For instance, refrigerators in the office kitchen or rest area will eventually need an upgrade when they no longer keep food cool, or the freezer becomes a deicing nightmare. Any cooling systems that aren’t part of a centralized one can also be changed. 

Use Digital Options Over Stationery and Office Consumables

Using printers and photocopiers means replacing toner or ink cartridges. It isn’t fantastic for the environment either and should be gradually phased out in most instances. 

Actively look for ways to reduce their usage. Replace existing notepads with ones produced using recycled paper. However, actively cut back and switch employees to digital notetaking apps to reduce overall paper use. 

Add More Greenery

Strategically add more plants around the office. They can help to clean the air and make the office feel more alive and less corporate. 

Do be aware that some people suffer from hay fever and may require plants to not be situated near them to avoid triggering their allergies. But don’t be deterred from this approach, even if it’s something that only is implemented in select areas away from work desks. 

Companies can make planet-friendly changes that add to the office environment for employees. Implementing them over time as opportunities arise is best. This way, the appliance can be replaced when it’s necessary to do so and the energy-saving ones introduced at that time, unless you’re making a sweeping decision to replace all old appliances in a single move. Depending on the office budget, either option works fine.

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