Making your office photocopier eco friendly

For those of us at home at the moment, the good old days of having a catch up by the office photocopier seems like a distant memory. While a majority of documents are created and distributed online (which is of course the most environmentally friendly option), some industries, such as finance and law, still need to have hard copies of documents, even while at home. 

As these hard copies are essential, it doesn’t look like printers and photocopiers will be leaving the office any time soon, so we might as well make them eco friendly while we’re at it. Making small changes in the workplace can significantly support a better world to live in and protect the earth’s future.

Reusing old photocopiers

Of course, the easiest way to help the environment is to avoid ordering a brand new photocopier altogether. There are plenty of high quality refurbished photocopiers on the market that have been owned previously and have since been fully stripped, cleaned, checked and tested with the latest software. It’s not a case of them being given a quick wipe and sent out again, these can go through a full and in-depth reconditioning process of up to 35 steps!

Refurbished photocopiers are great for two reasons: firstly, it ties into the whole supply-and-demand chain. As there are fewer demands for brand new photocopiers, fewer will be made, meaning less plastic and energy is being used in the process. The second reason is that it means that old machines no longer need to be thrown into landfill sites and damage the environment. Many electronic products, photocopiers included, can contain harmful chemicals such as lead, arsenic, and flame retardants that can contaminate nearby water and air.

Another factor to consider is that old photocopiers are readily available whenever you need them. You don’t have to wait for newer models to come back in stock and wait for orders to be processed, made and shipped – many businesses have warehouses full of old, but certainly not less efficient, photocopiers ready to be shipped as soon as you order.

Do refurbished photocopiers work as well as new photocopiers?

One worry people have about refurbished photocopying machines is that they don’t work as well as new ones – the software might be out of date, they might be a little bit rusty, not as quick at copying, etc. Don’t fret! Suppliers will only provide you with highly reliable machines that still use modern technology. Some businesses can provide up to 5 year warranties to guarantee that you’re happy with how your photocopier is working.

Do refurbished photocopiers save money?

Not only does using a refurbished photocopier help the environment, the other huge benefit is that it saves money too! They cost significantly less than newer models, which is great for businesses looking to save money such as small businesses and startups. 

How efficient are refurbished photocopiers?

Refurbished photocopiers can be incredibly efficient. Some can be purchased using a managed print service, which is typically only a feature seen on newer models. Again, this saves money as audits can be carried out that will look at your current equipment and document workflows and create the most efficient systems for your needs, making sure you don’t spend an extra penny.

Alternative option

If a refurbished photocopier isn’t the best option for your business’s needs, the new Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C878R Multifunction Printer uses ink rather than toner, meaning it reduces energy usage and waste massively. There is also a lack of heat needed due to the new inkjet technology, which again reduces environmental impact.

In conclusion…

As technology progresses, it’s now easier than ever to make your office technology eco friendly. Taking essentials and making them as safe for the environment as possible is how we move forward. Why not invest today and save money and the world while you’re at it?

Clay Miller
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