Sustainable development in Monaco Fuels Green Culture

With its focus on renewable energy and sustainable development, Monaco is well along on its goal to be carbon neutral by 2050.

The principality on the French Riviera is best known for its high-end real estate, lavish resorts, designer boutiques, and luxury yachts. However, the city state’s green culture is quickly gaining international attention.

Here we take a look at sustainable development in Monaco and how the principality is harnessing the power of renewable energy, helping protect the Earth for future generations to enjoy.

Renewable energy in Monaco

Monaco is embracing the latest state-of-the-art renewable energy technologies.

Solar photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings turn sunlight into energy, helping to reduce Monaco’s carbon footprint. Solar thermal panels capture the sun’s rays to heat water in swimming pools. Yet another source of renewable energy in Monaco is the vast ocean itself, as seawater heat pumps are used to heat or cool water in buildings and pools.

While geothermal energy — recovering heat from the ground — is perhaps not as prevalent as the use of solar energy due to the temperature of the country’s subsoil, some buildings in Monaco do have geothermal probes in their foundations.

A major step forward in the use of renewable energy in Monaco came to fruition recently with the principality’s acquisition of three new wind farms in neighbouring France. Once constructed, each wind farm will have two to four wind turbines, which are expected to generate enough energy to meet one-quarter of the principality’s consumption needs.

Additional eco-friendly efforts in support of the principality’s carbon-neutral goal include government subsidies (since 1994) for the purchase of electric vehicles; 45 charging stations for EVs; hundreds of e-bikes (which have their own charging stations) available for rent; and the world’s first electric powerboat superchargers, installed at the Yacht Club of Monaco in 2019.

Speaking of e-boating, Monaco’s harbours are host to diesel-electric superyachts. In addition to providing luxe accommodations, these sleek, ultra-modern yachts also save fuel and have a much-reduced carbon dioxide footprint.

Among the venues showcasing Monaco’s environmentally conscious efforts are the Monaco Yacht Show (featuring diesel-electric superyachts), the E-Prix (a Formula E electric car race), and the EVER Monaco electric vehicle conference (which now includes e-boats).

Sustainable development in Monaco

In addition to renewable energy in Monaco, the principality also promotes sustainable development, spanning everything from rooftop gardens raising organic produce to lush parks and eco-friendly real estate. All are part of Prince Albert II’s pioneering efforts toward protecting the environment.

At the apex of sustainable development in Monaco is the new eco-district Mareterra, made possible by an environmentally sensitive land reclamation project.

Scheduled for completion in 2025, the 6-hectare development, formerly known as Portier Cove, combines luxury living with state-of-the-art green technology, including solar energy panels, rainwater recovery systems, and thermal pumps.

Designed by three of the world’s top architects, this new sustainable development in Monaco will offer apartments and villas, natural landscaping, pedestrian-friendly surroundings, and retail and recreational space along the newly developed coast.

With its well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s most sustainable countries, Monaco is setting an example across the board in offsetting its carbon footprint and contributing to a greener planet.

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