8 Waste Management Tips Anyone Can Easily Follow

Managing home waste efficiently is extremely important for your family and your neighbours’ health. Every family has some home waste, be it in the dry or wet kitchen garbage, which needs proper handling. For bigger families, there will be increased home waste and garbage output.

Home waste management is a mutual responsibility, and every family member has to work towards it. Since proper waste management is often underrated, we will be unravelling 8 smart ways to handle home waste and garbage effectively. Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff!

Avoid Plastics

It can be hard to manage plastic waste as it is not recyclable. This is one of the main reasons why you should stop using plastic bags. Carry your own shopping bag while shopping. Refrain from using plastic containers to store kitchen items. Utilize glass jars for storage. It is better for your family and the environment.

Purchase Foods With Minimal Packaging

Shop at the ”bulk buy” division of the grocery store. Rice, pulses, and other essentials can be purchased without plastic packaging. Food items that come in multi-layered packaging can add to the waste in your house. Choose products that do not involve extensive packing. For instance – you don’t require a toothpaste box. So, select a paste that comes without the box. It will help you settle the home waste efficiently.

Compost Your Kitchen Waste

An eco-friendly way to waste control is to compost your organic waste. Buy a good composting bin and prepare rich compost from your kitchen waste. This will decrease your organic waste and leave you with highly potent manure for your garden.

Go for Electronic Transactions

Make it a habit to request a soft copy of your bills to your email instead of a hard copy. See that the merchants do not print your copy of POS transactions. Transfer money via NEFT or RTGS to avoid issuing chequebooks. This will reduce the amount of paper trash significantly.

Consider Preparing Soaps & Detergents in Your Own Home

Almost all detergents & cleaning liquids have plastic packaging that can’t be recycled. The internet is full of support if you want to prepare washing soaps, detergents, and bathroom cleaners at home. You will be able to reduce plastic waste by doing this and will be left with chemical-free, home-made detergents.

Repurpose Sturdy Containers 

Most glass & tin containers can be reused to stock household items and edibles. You can also consider reusing paper bags as bin liners to get rid of the trash. Utilize both sides of the paper for printing or use the clean side to prepare your lists. This will aid you in curbing the solid waste buildup in your house.

Donate as much as Possible

Make sure that you donate items that are in acceptable condition but not useful to you. Many schools, orphanages, and shelters accept usable items like blankets, pencils, books, clothing, and shoes. Do not accumulate items in your house. It builds up the disarray and makes waste management even more challenging down the line.

Be Responsible in Waste Disposal

Managing bio-hazard waste requires care & caution. Professionals at A Better Service Ltd advise against dumping materials like batteries, medical syringes, unused medicine in a casual manner. The chemicals leaking from these materials penetrate the soil and make it infertile or toxic or both. Plants absorb these contagions too, and we consume vegetables laden with chemical waste from the soil.


You can’t take charge of cleaning the whole world. But if you do your bit by controlling your home waste properly, you will set an example for others. And when others start practising it, the world will gradually become a more orderly place to live in. 

We hope we have motivated you, and hopefully, you will implement these waste management tips to make your home a better place.

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