Cut Manufacturing Costs By Upgrading Your Wastewater System

Many industries rely heavily on wastewater systems, which can separate sludge and solids. With an efficient wastewater recycling system in place, you can reuse a lot of water. This is highly important not only for the environment but also for the business. 

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As we all know, water is a very precious resource for everyone, be it business or individuals, and great efforts are being made in the wastewater treatment sector. This specific sector aims to reuse more water when treating wastewater.

Industrial Waste Treatment

The latest generation of industrial wastewater treatment systems are incredibly efficient, with primary and secondary objectives: solids separation and using advanced biochemical products to remove bacteria and pollutants. A final treatment removes any remaining material. The water can be reused and the sludge can be recycled for use in the agricultural industry and materials construction.

Environmentally Friendly

As the manufacturing process requires less water, you are helping the environment by recycling your wastewater and staying compliant with the regulations regarding wastewater treatment. The water treatment technologies used include:

  • Actiflo – A settling process using weighted flocs, Actiflo has been used around the world for several decades.
  • Biostyr – A biological solution to water filtration, this process eliminates pollution and suspended particles and the modular make-up allows for sudden changes in activity load.
  • Aquilair – This removes a high percentage of odours and is used with bad smelling effluent, involving two washing processes.

Reduce Your Chemical Costs

If your wastewater treatment is on point, you will not use as many chemicals and while we do need chemical solutions, it is good to keep their use to a minimum. Added automation and the Internet of Things allows you to stay connected and impose better control on your chemical use, which is a win-win situation, while you are also reducing your pollution.

Sludge Treatment

By making the most out of your resources, you are reducing your costs and sludge separated in the wastewater treatment can be treated and used by a number of industries, including agriculture. This circular economy makes perfect sense in a world where resources are at a premium and using innovative sanitation processes gives you sludge that can be sold.

Sewage Facilities

There are places where hi-tech water treatments really come into their own, where water recycling really matters. When looking for wastewater treatments, there are several market leaders in Australia that can be found with an online search and they use the latest technology in their treatments. The wastewater treatment industry has evolved alongside the need for efficient recycling and treatment and when looking for such treatment, a Google search will take you to the website of a leading wastewater treatment specialist.

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If you would like to learn more about upgrading your wastewater system, all it takes to locate an established water treatment specialist is a Google search. The supplier would be happy to arrange an onsite visit when you can sit down and discuss the best way forward and they can show you how you can recycle more of your wastewater than ever before. The investment will soon pay dividends, as your costs are reduced and over a long period of time, you get a good ROI.

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