How to Promote Healthy Eating Among Your Employees

It’s not easy convincing your employees to eat healthily. You can’t dictate what they should eat or how they live their lives. As long as it doesn’t affect the job, you can’t do anything to change your employees. However, there’s nothing wrong in advocating for change, especially in regards to healthy eating. These tips will help you promote this lifestyle to your employees. 

Place healthy snacks in the kitchen

Your employees are grateful to have free snacks in the kitchen. They can’t complain if you only have green and healthy snacks available. Besides, if they’re hungry and there is no food source nearby, they will eat whatever is there. When they start to appreciate the snacks in the kitchen, you can entice them to continue these lifestyle changes. 

Offer wellness programs for free

Some of your employees go to the gym after work. Others have private yoga and Pilates classes. The problem is that not everyone can afford these wellness programs. You can offer options that your employees can do for free. Some of them will try the programs right away. If they like it, they might continue doing it. Small steps to change the lifestyle can go a long way. You don’t force people to change their ways, but you offer an option if they want to. Considering that it’s for free, there’s nothing for employees to lose if they try. 

Invite speakers to talk about healthy living 

You don’t have to convince your employees to stay healthy if someone else can do the job for you. There are experts whom you can rely on to discuss more details about to live a healthy lifestyle. They have facts, data, and evidence to back their claims. Hence, it’s easier for employees to believe them. Make sure that you open this up as an option, and not a requirement for everyone. 

Be a good role model

If you’re a parent, you probably understand this idea. You can’t tell people what to do when you’re doing otherwise. You have to show that you understand healthy living and you’re doing it too. Otherwise, it would be somewhat hypocritical of you to make these changes in the company. It might be tough, but you have to do it. It’s not only about being the leader but also because you want to do what’s best for you. 

Healthy options should be available for events

If you’re going to host corporate parties, and other events, you have to ensure that healthy dishes are available. If you intend to have a funfair hire, you can request stalls that offer healthy food choices. The activity can be fun and exciting, but healthy for everyone. Apart from your employees, their family members will be there too. It would be great if they receive healthy food choices. 

Again, the goal is to inspire people to change their ways and live healthily. It’s not a competition. You also don’t want to force changes that will make everyone resent you.

Clay Miller
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