A Complete Guide For Keeping Your House Clean

Keeping your house clean and green is paramount for great health of your family. There are millions of bacteria, viruses and thousands of chemicals surrounding us and thus they come into contact with our bodies weakening us each and every second. Keeping our houses clean will minimize the risk of contracting diseases caused by these pathogens. Besides, who doesn’t like a clean and neat house?

It is not easy to clean your house on a daily basis. For you to maintain high levels of hygiene, it is best to instil high levels of discipline in your kids and the entire family. Set some rules and also learn on the best cleaning methods that are environmentally friendly. Get free advice from professionals from Cleandy London.

There are a few things that you can do to ensure a clean and greenhouse. Here are some of them:

Do not allow shoes indoors

A play day outdoor or a simple stroll in the neighbourhood leaves your shoes dusty. This dust is not just the soil dust but carries a lot of chemicals with it, pesticides, fungicides, lead, car wash detergents; animal droppings such as dog faeces and more. Bringing your shoes in the house creates an indoor dumpsite. This will pile up in corners, below your couches, bathroom and finally, your entire house will be a pest hub. Please avoid bringing shoes into your house.

Buy green, use green

There is a variety of cleaning agents in the markets. When you go shopping, ensure you have environment-friendly detergents. There is a selection of products that can work well without exposing your family to toxic chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide can disinfect without exposing you to harmful chemicals. When planning on restocking, research on things you need such as shampoos, air fresheners and other assorted cleaning agents that are green and readily available in your favourite store. In case some of the inputs you need are not available; or the supplies don’t offer an environmentally friendly option, improvise on what you have, for instance, cleaning with toothpaste. Toothpaste can be used to clean footwear, polish jewellery; clean metal works among other things.

Employ eco-friendly cleaning methods

In their article, “Eco-Friendly Cleaning: Why is it important to us?”, Ideal Cleaning explain that the main purpose of using eco-friendly cleaning products is to keep both the environment and us healthy. There are several eco-friendly methods that are easy to undertake such as using less energy, less water to achieve great results. Clean your house regularly. This will prevent piling up of dirt which later on will give you a hard time to clean. Involve your family in the cleaning process so as to teach them about responsibility.

Open your windows regularly

Get used to opening your windows to let in fresh air if by a good chance your surrounding is a serene countryside. This will guarantee fresh air flow hence no need to use artificial air fresheners. For people residing in a highly polluted area like close to industrial areas, be cautious about opening the windows. Instead of letting in fresh air, you will be bringing in toxic air that will make your house intolerably toxic.


A clean house offers a healthy living environment. Maintaining a clean house means that you have less to worry about pests such as cockroaches and flies that despite being a nuisance, they can cause life-threatening diseases. It also feels right having a neat, clean and greenhouse.

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