Six Eco Friendly Ideas To Renovate Your Home

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Home is where the heart is, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t upgrade. Yes, this is where you reside on a daily basis, where memories have been created, and where new ones will soon come into your life. As perfect as your home may have seemed at times, there’s always room for improvement! 

In the event that you are attempted huge home remodels, advise your home insurance agency and check what you are secured for before you start. You could be discrediting your policy on the off chance that you don’t tell your insurance provider about the changes. Before you continue reading check first our partners from FixMan which can help you renovate your home.

Most of the Irish homeowners didn’t update their insurance provider regarding having work done, which implied they wouldn’t have secured for the task they were taking a shot at. AA Home Insurance provides detailed information about repairs or renovation that are covered. 

You won’t have to tell your home insurance agency in case you’re rolling out corrective improvements like repainting a divider, however, if the work will influence the structure or design of the property, call it. That incorporates revamping or re-plumbing your home.

When undertaking big home projects these days, it’s important to consider following six eco friendly ideas for your upcoming renovation.

Install A Green Roof

This is one of the most impactful eco friendly ideas. Most homes’ roofs are their biggest source of heat loss. This means that the material used on the outside of your home is just as important as the material on the inside of your home. When installing a green roof, you should also consider if solar panels are something that is right for your home. 

If you select the right materials, not only can you get a nice, new, eco-friendly roof, but you may also be able to lower your energy bill.

Apply Passive Design

What is passive design? Basically, this method of laying out your home incorporate the sun’s natural heat. This can drastically increase your home’s energy efficiency without raising any heating costs whatsoever, and will likely decrease those costs. You will need to consider your climate, however. 

For example, if you live somewhere with a cold climate, then you’ll want to make sure that windows are north-facing to take advantage of the sun’s rays as they pour into your home. Installing quality insulation is part of passive design as well, which captures heat in your home better.

Plan for Long-Term Kitchens

The cost of removing and replacing kitchen counters is an extreme cost, and it fills up dumps pretty quickly since the pieces are so large. If you’re renovating your kitchen, select materials that won’t need to be replaced in just a few year’s time. You can find recycled glass countertops or even paper countertops that are fairly durable.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Flooring

Some flooring is subpar and can reduce the heat retention in your home. Eco-friendly flooring is a great alternative to standard, energy inefficient flooring. Reclaimed hardwood flooring will give you a traditional design, and it should retain heat fairly well. The main benefit here is that you’re recycling wood so that it doesn’t take up space in a landfill somewhere.

Reduce Volatile Organic Compounds

VOCs are pollutants in your home. They can cause serious health problems. Choose paints with little or no VOCs in them so that you’ll have a healthier and greener home. VOCs aren’t just found in paint, though, so consider all of your material selections carefully.

Weatherize Your Home

Insulation is more than just behind our walls. It’s also needed for electrical fixtures. Seal off cracks around windows and doors to make sure that you’re home is completely insulated, not just within the walls, but everywhere.

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