What to Know about Oakville’s Tree Cutting Bylaw

In Oakville, before you can cut a tree, you first have to understand the tree cutting by-laws and secure a permit to remove trees in the municipality. The Oakville municipal put these by-laws in place to protect healthy forests and conservation of trees. These laws lean on protecting trees on private and municipal property from unnecessary removal, meaning even private landowners are required by law to seek a tree cutting permit.

The town put a Designated officer in charge of investigating to ensure landowners and tree cutting services comply with these tree-cutting by-laws. The officer works with elected Municipal law enforcement officers who assist with enforcing these by-laws. These officers are also part of conducting investigations on potential infractions and laying charges to convicted parties. Those found non-compliant to these policies are heavily fined and subjected to restriction orders.

Applications for the tree removal permit can be made online by completing an application form. A tree inspector will reach out to you to set up an onsite assessment of your tree removal request in the next five business days. For the certification, you will need to provide the following documentation;

  • Arborist report certified by a licensed tree-cutting expert in Oakville.
  • A signed letter by the property owner agreeing to the removal.
  • If the property is on shared land, a consent letter signed by the other neighboring owner is a must.

The Oakville tree cutting by-laws bind everyone, including private landowners. Therefore, before one can submit a tree removal permit application, they have to determine whether their situation is eligible for receiving one. For an individual to register for a tree removal permit, the tree they intend to cut should fit a particular criterion.

  1. Part of a site plan

Individuals with construction or renovation plans underway can apply for a tree removal permit if the tree is on the construction project’s property. Arborist Oakville reports will, however, be required to approve the license.

  1. Dead or a high safety risk

If the tree could potentially cause harm to life and property, you are within the right to apply for a tree-cutting permit. However, in case of an emergency, you can cut the tree and inform the town as soon as possible.

  1. Regulated

The reef should be within the regulations of the Municipal’s by-laws. That means that its diameter at breast height should not be less than 15 centimeters. You can either consult with an arborist to determine whether the tree falls within the regulated DBH or measure the circumference from 4.5 feet above the ground.

  1. Ash Trees

Although cutting ash trees in Oakville is exempted from permit fees. One is required to submit a permit application to the town’s Forestry Section if they want it removed.

 Situations Exempted from Cutting Tree Permits in Oakville

While cutting trees in Oakville is regulated by by-laws, there are situations where these policies do not apply. In these extreme cases, an individual is allowed to remove trees without a permit.

  • Removing dead or diseased trees. According to the Oakville by-laws, an individual can cut a tree without a permit if it poses serious injury to people or property.
  • Tree cutting involving normal farm operations like clearing and pruning shrubs do not require a permit.
  • In case another process or Act has already approved the removal.

Trees are an essential part of life. That is why Oakville is making significant strides to strengthen the by-laws against the removal of trees. There are restrictions regarding cutting trees in Oakville, so to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the ledge, read up on the by-laws. It will help you understand the requirements and avoid the imposition of fines and charges.

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