17 Genius Gardening Hacks That Will Change The Way You Garden Forever

If you want your garden to look its best, then you have to keep it looking great all year long. 

Gardening, as a hobby, has many benefits. 

It is a great way to get your vegetables freshly and quickly. It is also a fun way to enjoy the outdoors.  

Gardening can be social; you can meet new people at your local gardening center. 

Apart from all of this, the most crucial reason you should engage with your garden is its immense physical and mental benefits.

Nevertheless, it can be tricky to keep your garden looking great for so long, but many garden hacks can make it easier.

For many of the more significant aspects of gardening and landscaping, you will probably need to hire professionals like a tree planting company to do things correctly.

However, even if you have never grown a garden before or have been a gardener since childhood, you should know about these gardening hacks. 

The following are numerous suggestions you can follow to succeed with your garden this year and without too much effort!

Put Your Coffee Grounds To Good Use By Planting Them In Your Garden

Adding coffee grounds to your gardening routine is a fantastic idea

You can add them directly to your compost, fertilizer, or mulch. In addition, they work well as a deterrent to keep critters at bay around your garden edge. 

Taking advantage of this hack will make coffee waste a helpful tool.

So instead of throwing it away, you can use its fertilizing properties to boost the vitality of your garden.

Save Your Eggshells

If you’re the type of person who eats a lot of eggs, it’s easy to simply throw those eggshells right into the compost to help add richness to our natural fertilizers. 

However, they can be used in other ways, too!

You may want to use some seedling starters and mulch around trees and shrubs in the springtime. 

Many birds and wild animals will eat them instead of our garden, which is why they are a great addition to your garden routine.

Grow A New Plant Using Plant Scraps

You can regrow vegetables from the root ends soaked in water as an excellent hack for gardening! 

You can regrow fresh food from regular grocery store vegetables simply by placing the root in water.

Regrowing lettuce, onions, and other small vegetables and herbs in this manner is one of the most efficient ways to do so.

Grow Berries In A Laundry Basket

Utilize the holes in a laundry basket for growing plants by filling the basket with soil. 

Berries work the best, but you can use them with several plants.

Add some strawberries, potatoes, and peppers to this basket, and you’ve made a valuable and beautiful enhancement for your garden.

Promote The Pollination Of Your Garden By Bees

The bees ensure that your plants will continue to bloom! 

Plant wildflowers and plants in a particular area of your backyard or garden each year to attract more bees. 

Be kind to bees! They are great for our gardens and life in general.

Keep Seedlings Healthy Using Cinnamon Powder

You can use cinnamon to stop the spread of diseases and prevent fungi on plants. It is also a natural deodorizer.

Improvise Watering Cans

Old milk jugs can be transformed into great watering cans with this hack. It’s an ideal solution for new gardeners who have yet to buy watering cans. 

Simply insert a needle into the top of an older plastic milk jug and make holes for water to flow. 

Self Watering Plants

If you do not have a way to keep your indoor plants watered during your vacation, keep them alive with one of these clever gardening hacks.

You can use paper towels when you roll them as tightly as possible without them breaking. 

Place one end in a glass of water and spread the others across the soil, spacing them out at least several inches from each plant.

Vinegar Kills Weeds

You can use vinegar to eliminate those annoying weeds in your garden that come back over and over.

It has the benefit of being cheaper than traditional weed killer solutions, and it is also environmentally friendly.

If you have incredibly persistent weeds, you may need to use chemicals, but you can then maintain it using vinegar.

Use A Shipping Pallet For Tool Storage

There are many places where you can find shipping pallets for free, including construction sites, hardware stores, and furniture stores. 

This garden tool rack will help you to organize and store your many garden tools simply and efficiently.

Since you will only need a recycled pallet and a few other items such as screws and bolts, it shouldn’t cost very much.

Encourage Cuttings With Honey

Rooting hormones like honey are a good source of enzymes that promote root growth. 

Besides helping plant cuttings in setting roots and helping them grow, honey also protects them against fungi.

Water Your Garden In The Morning

The Royal Horticultural Society recommends watering plants in the morning. 

That way, the water gets to the roots and stays hydrated throughout the day. 

If you cannot get to the garden early in the morning, the afternoon or evening is the next best time because the moisture can soak into the plants while in a shady environment.

Coffee Filters Can Be Used To Line Plant Pots

Terracotta pots are totally in style right now, but they don’t do your garden any good because of their large drainage hole. 

You can keep your patio clean and avoid constant cleaning by using coffee filters to line your planters. 

Their porous structure will prevent soil from falling out the bottom while still allowing water to drain away.

Copper Will Protect Your Vegetables From Slugs

Copper gives slugs and snails an electric shock, which makes them scramble in a different direction from where they were heading. 

You can prevent those slimy pests from tarnishing your garden by digging copper rings into the flowerbeds and wrapping copper tape around the tops of flowerpots.

Install A Water Butt

Owning a water tank has several advantages since not only does it reduce your water bills by cutting your mains consumption, but it is also kinder to plants since rainwater doesn’t contain chemicals. 

Sharpen Your Gardening Tools Easily

Take advantage of an ingenious hack to make gardening even more manageable. 

By filling a terracotta pot with sand and mineral oil, you can create a self-cleaning and self-sharpening tool holder for your garden. 

Oil protects tools against rust and dirt, while abrasive sand helps to keep them sharp. A straightforward but crucial way of maintaining your tools in great shape.

Have A Small Compost Bin In The Kitchen

Natural fertilizer made from kitchen food waste is a nutritious and environmentally friendly way to feed your garden. 

To store food scraps that go into your compost in bulk, keep a caddy in your kitchen or utility room. 

The best organic materials to use are vegetable peelings, tea leaves, cooked rice, and pasta – these organic materials are often superior to meat and fish.


Gardening has many benefits, and it can help you feel better and live longer. 

Gardening is a great way to get exercise when you are not feeling up to going to the gym. The bending and stretching involved help work out your back, arms, and legs. 

However, for many people just starting out, it can be challenging to know where to begin.

Hopefully, you can use some of these hacks to get you started and stay gardening for a long time.

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