How Water Gets to Your Home’s Pipes

Running water is one of the main staples of modern life.  We take it for granted, enjoying long showers and hot tea at any time without noticing our water more than how much we have to pay every month for it.  Where our water comes from is a mystery to many people, leaving them wondering how the water gets into their home and where it comes from.

If you’re in this camp: here’s how water gets to your pipes.

The Water Source

Most cities in America collect the water from rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water near the target population.  In some smaller municipalities, homeowners have wells that they draw their water off of instead.

The water is collected from the source through water asset management and then begins its journey to the nearby city.

Water Treatment Plants

Unfortunately, river and spring water aren’t as pure as bottled water companies will have you believe.  Instead, this water is often tainted with pollutants and impurities.  Different treatment plants have other plans of attack for this, but they all have the same main goal.  Make the water as clean and flavorless as possible.

Fluoride is then added in some areas, with three out of four Americans drinking water treated this way.  The primary purpose of fluoride is to help fight against cavities in teeth, and it causes no adverse effects.

Water Gathered Into Reservoir

The water then goes from the treatment plants to a water reservoir.  These giant water tanks sit at the highest point of the city to direct water down and to homes utilizing the power of gravity.  Most cities decorate these reservoirs with images and logos that show some pride in the town itself.  They become a part of the area’s culture.

Home Filters

Once the water reaches your home, it’s run through whatever filtration system you have set up.  This will decide whether you have hard or soft water and the flavor and cleanliness of it.

Although it’s a good idea to have a water filter, most people tend to forget about it and won’t notice until their water starts to taste strange.

Out Through Pipes

Finally, your water has reached its destination!  The water usually arrives through the main water valve, most commonly found beneath the kitchen sink.  In an emergency where the water system in your home needs to be fixed, you can cut off the water flow to your home by turning off this valve.

Through this intake, you now have water for brushing your teeth or washing dishes!  Then the water goes down the drain and starts the journey all over.

Water is the driving element that makes it possible for us to live in comfort and ease.  The importance of our running water isn’t more noticeable than when it’s gone or damaged.

Although water has to go through many steps to get to us, we’re lucky enough that it can do all of this seamlessly.

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